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Listen to the song from France, “The Best in Me”


Tom Leeb, during a concert in Nice in October 2019. – SYSPEO / SIPA

He will sing The Best in Me. A ballad in French and in English. This Sunday evening,
Tom Leeb performed for the first time on television the song with which he will represent France at the
Eurovision next May. For the occasion,
France 2 had decided to create the event. The singer’s performance, filmed on the first floor of the Eiffel Tower, was broadcast on France 2 and also on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, in order to reach the widest and international audience possible.

The surprise was somewhat spoiled by Internet leaks. Earlier today, the song went on sale on Apple Music in a handful of countries. Pirated versions of the entire song then toured social media before being posted to YouTube where they were eventually removed for copyright infringement.

No matter how it got to the audience, everyone can now get an idea of ​​the qualities of this song and judge whether or not it meets the specifications put forward by the selection committee. The latter was in search of a song mixing universality, emotion and an ability to “live an experience” for the audience.

” Love at first sight “

In mid-January, Alexandra Redde-Amiel, the head of the French delegation to Eurovision, said that she had “love at first sight” for this title, chosen from “more than a hundred songs written for France”. It was then that Tom Leeb was contacted to interpret it. The third time was therefore good for the 30-year-old singer, who, according to our information, refused to participate in Eurovision destination in 2018 and 2019.

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The France Televisions selection committee chose a model from Sweden. The song was composed by Thomas G: son and Peter Boström, who notably signed Euphoria, the title with which the Swedish Loreen won Eurovision in 2012.

Amir’s pen

The lyrics were co-written by John Lundvik – who finished 5th representing Sweden last year – as well as by Amir and Tom Leeb, for the verses in French. It’s almost the first time – Welshman Steve Balsamo was in the credits forWith each step, the song performed by Jonatan Cerada in 2004 – that foreign authors and composers sign a French song for Eurovision.

Tom Leeb will participate in the Eurovision final on May 16 in Rotterdam (Netherlands). France is automatically qualified for the final, like Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom and Spain, the other members of the “Big 5”, the five main financial contributors to the contest.


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