Listening to music on YouTube Music with the screen off will be possible

November is a great month if you like music and don’t pay for any music services like Spotify. from next month YouTube Music will be updated to allow free music listening with the screen off. In this way, the YouTube music service embraces the system that other platforms such as Spotify have. You will not need to pay for free music playback and in the background or with the screen off. And yes, it will be available to all users.

YouTube Music for free and with the screen off is a reality

So far YouTube Music had a free plan with ads for all users. You could download the application, enter and listen to music without paying. In return you had to see the odd advertisement and you did not have the possibility to spend all the time singing. YouTube Music did not allow you exit the app or turn off the screen.

This limitation will cease in November with an update of usage policies. All users who download YouTube Music can enjoy free music while in another application to turn off the screen of the smartphone. This was the main difference between Youtube Music and Spotify, for example.

You will have to keep dealing with advertisements and with the song skip limitation, but in return you can change the app or turn off the screen directly. That is, now you can have in YouTube the same as you have on Spotify.

From November and for everyone

It doesn’t matter where you live or what smartphone you have: from November this new way of listening to free music on YouTube comes into force. Remember that everything remains the same except the possibility of turning off the screen when you are playing a song.

If you want to remove the ads or watch the videos of the songs you will have to pay the monthly subscription that ranges from 6 and 12 euros / dollars depending on the plan and the country where you live.

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