Liter of super already costs over 1.50 euros

Now the fuel costs have also exceeded the mark off the highways.

In the previous week he did the math ÖAMTC
suggest that fuel prices rose by 2.2 cents to 1.256 euros per liter in September compared with August, while gasoline prices rose by 0.8 cents to 1.325 euros. At the most expensive petrol stations, for example on motorways, drivers paid around 1.70 euros for a liter of fuel.

Super already over 1.50 euros

And as has now been shown, the prices for super and diesel still only know one direction – upwards. We carried out a price comparison on Tuesday (as of October 12; 12:30 p.m.). It turned out that drivers now have to pay more than 1.50 euros for a liter of super at some normal petrol stations (not on motorways).

Current price comparison

In Wien is the price of a liter of diesel at the most expensive gas station 1,479 Euro, for the liter of super will be up to 1,509 Euro due. Upper Austrians need up to for the liter of super 1,479 Euro pay, the liter of diesel costs up to 1,429 Euro. As a glance to the south shows, it doesn’t look any better there either. In Carinthia the filling stations charge up to a liter of diesel 1,414 Euro and for the liter of super up to 1,459 Euro. In the west, prices are at a similarly high level. This is how the liter of super costs in Tirol up to 1,494 Euro and for the liter of diesel are up to 1,462 Euro due.

It’s worth comparing

However, it is up to motorists themselves to counteract the high fuel costs at least a little. Because the current diesel and super prices at the cheapest petrol stations in the four federal states are as follows:


  • Vienna: 1.289 euros

  • Upper Austria: 1.229 euros

  • Carinthia: 1.239 euros

  • Tyrol: 1,280 Euro


  • Vienna: 1.320 euros

  • Upper Austria: 1.298 euros

  • Carinthia: 1.297 euros

  • Tyrol: 1,329 Euro

CO2 tax as a price driver

The CO2 tax of 30 euros per ton, which will apply from July 2022, makes diesel more expensive than petrol due to its higher carbon dioxide content. Based on the liter, consumers will then have to reckon with the following surcharges for fuels: Diesel increases in price by 8.8 cents per liter including sales tax, and petrol by 7.7 cents per liter.

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