Lito MC Cassidy sings from “The Cage of the Living”

The reggaeton classic returns to the music scene with a work of 20 songs in the best urban style of the 90s, but this time with collaborations from artists from the old school and the new era.

Lito MC Cassidy sings with J Balvin, Ñengo Flow, Elysanij & Ñejo, Daddy Yankee, Tito El Bambino, among others.  / Rafael C. Sierra

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Lito MC Cassidy sings with J Balvin, Ñengo Flow, Elysanij & Ñejo, Daddy Yankee, Tito El Bambino, among others. / Rafael C. Sierra

“Lito MC Cassidy, Afro-Puerto Rican rapper who rose to fame in the 1990s.” This is how The Washington Post defined the artist in one of its articles. Now, with a career spanning two generations and having been away for more than five years, this artist recognized as a master of the lyric and narrator returns in an explosive way. When it was believed that the rhythms and lyrics that marked reggaeton would be forgotten or condemned only to be heard on old records, this veteran appeared. He does not do it alone, but with him come Ñengo Flow, Hozwal, Elysanij & Ñejo, Daddy Yankee, Tito El Bambino, among others.

The era of golden sounds with which an entire generation grew up is once again present in each of the 20 tracks from The cage of the living, an album that stands out as Lito’s first full-length project since 2013 and represents a return to the explosive lyricism that he pioneered at the time of the underground. Among the most anticipated is the release of the sequel the grand robbery 2. 19 years after the launch of The great theft, before that event even Billboard made mention in the section First Stream And called him Old school rap has new life and praised it as “forceful”.

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The lyrics are not just for show, his rap is full of themes that marked him in his childhood and adolescence: the street violence and poverty present in his native country, Puerto Rico. From the perspective of the outside, he continues to sing in order to raise awareness that people still suffer from racism and that inequality of goods is a reality that does not let up.

Before there was a variety, different styles were sung. That was the reason why I wanted to do this too. In fact, there are many albums that have a thematic continuity. I wanted to bring stories in songs that have not been made for a long time. Dance songs like Don Chezina & DJ Playero: Picolo, which remind us of reggaeton in its origins in the years 94 and 95. We also bring romantic reggaeton as Ken-Y and at the same time The great theft, with Daddy Yankee. We bring artists like Balvin and it’s like putting them in my world of stories”, says MC Cassidy.

The album presents the most consistent vision of his career to date. The cage of the living immerses listeners in a beleaguered fictional town. Through the songs he shares his trials, afflictions and triumphs, opening up his world and sharing it like never before.

Lovers of the old sounds of reggaeton would have dreamed of this work a little earlier. However, there are plans and projects that have their time. Not even Lito felt prepared, his imagination had been cut off and he couldn’t imagine what could happen. Luckily his son, who is 22 years old and who was able to see his father’s success up close at the beginning of 2000, thought that it was time for his father to go back to school and do what he knows best… “I definitely did, but I didn’t know I was going to have all these collaborations let alone a Grammy nomination.. For me that was like a secret God plan, because I never thought I would be in this position.

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Today this character of urban music can say that he owes music for a large part of what he is. His hits were just one chapter. Thanks to the music, he changed a gun for a microphone, as it is related in The gun with J Balvin. Part of that story is told through songs like Remo, along with Ñengo Flow and Kevvo; The goddess, with Zion & Lennox, o en The 23, next to Farruko. For him The cage it is that imaginary cement prison where people are locked up because of social divisions.

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