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Reporter Li Xiangwen/Comprehensive Report

The younger sister-in-law and designer Sam of the entertainer Xiaogui was recently exposed by a netizen who had interacted closely with a female model at a gathering with friends and was accused of infidelity in the marriage. However, first, the little ghost agent clarified that “just got drunk” on his behalf, and Sam also posted on the evening of the 15th to explain: “I will take care of all drunk friends.” Denying any further relationship.

▲Sam, the little ghost sister-in-law, was revealed to interact closely with the female model. (Picture/Retrieved from IG)

Sam explained that the video brought out by the whistleblower was a party two or three years ago. Everyone was friends, and they went out to drink and sing together. “The photographer is also on the scene. Maybe you are angry and want to vent. I understand. You have grievances or who you are with. If you’re unhappy, I’ll be able to help. Although I haven’t seen you in a year or two, I believe you know who I am, less hatred and more love and tolerance.” The words revealed that you already know who broke the news, but it’s not. Plan to care about each other.

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However, Sam also shouted to the whistleblower: “What you hurt is not simply “you, me and him”, but our family.” As an ordinary person, he received public attention for this matter and politely expressed “encouragement and abuse.” Everyone thanks you for your advice. I will try my best to do what I should do.” It also said that I will still work hard, live my own life, spend holidays with my family, and occasionally drink and socialize with friends. “I will also share with my wife. .” Indirectly also revealed that his wife actually knew about it.

▲The little ghost sister-in-law Sam responded.  (Photo/Retrieved from Sam Instagram)

▲The little ghost sister-in-law Sam responded to the storm. (Photo/Retrieved from Sam Instagram)

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