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The Spring Festival animated film “Little Hudun Big Hero” will be officially released on the first day of the new year of the Tiger. A few days ago, the film was held in Beijing in advance, and the first wave of audiences were the first to feel the laughter, tears and ignition brought by Xiaohudun. , and praised the film’s warm-blooded national style and strong New Year’s flavor, believing that this is “an animated film that is most suitable for family viewing during the Spring Festival of the Tiger Year”. The cute little Hudun puppet also came to the scene to send New Year’s blessings to everyone, attracting many big friends and children to take photos. On the first day of the new year, watching Hudun in the Year of the Tiger, the Chinese New Year is more New Year.

  The “Year of the Tiger Mascot” turned out to be full of joy and blood

As a well-known original animation IP in China, Xiaohudun made its debut on the big screen this time. The cute image of Hudun wearing a tiger’s head hat and tiger’s head was popular with the audience. Many people said that “Hudun is so cute and cute”, ” The whole Hudun is the mascot of the Year of the Tiger” and “the same tiger head hat of Hudun will also be worn for Chinese New Year this year.”

Xiaohudun’s adventurous growth story of chasing the dream of a escort in his heart was also well received. Many viewers think that the theme of the story is novel, and Xiao Hudun and his master, Mr. Yang, bravely venture into the arena with joy and blood. Some viewers lamented that the national style scene on their way to deliver the darts was very amazing, and the magnificent rivers and mountains from Jinzhong in Shanxi to Maiji Mountain in Gansu were not enough to see. The action scenes in the film are refreshing and neat, and it also brings a long-lost national style martial arts temperament. It was praised for “the action scenes are very touching, like watching a martial arts movie”, “not underage, watching very burning and bloody”.

  Teenagers grow up and transmit positive energy. Together is the year of reunion

“Little Tiger Dung Hero” showed the rich traditional Chinese culture and left a deep impression on many audiences. Xiaohudun’s belief that “loyalty guards the bodyguard, mission must be fulfilled”, not only shows the professional characteristics of bodyguards, but also conveys the traditional Chinese cultural values ​​of “benevolence, righteousness, courtesy, wisdom and trust”. Some viewers said, “Xiao Hudun has the courage, perseverance, and word of mouth, and it is worth learning for children”, “I see positive energy in Xiao Hudun that is not afraid of difficulties and keeps promises.”

The emotional core of the film is reunion. The original intention of Xiaohudun’s adventure is to have a reunion with his parents. Many viewers are quite touched by this setting and believe that Xiaohudun’s expectation for reunion is the true meaning of the New Year. My feelings for my parents are touched”, “It’s so warm to eat New Year’s Eve dinner and watch fireworks”, “Although I choose to celebrate the New Year locally, it is a year of reunion when my heart is together.” From the character image, storyline and emotional core, “Little Hudun Big Hero” shows the flavor of the Year of the Tiger, which is very suitable for entering the cinema with family members during the Chinese New Year.

The Spring Festival animated film “Little Tiger Dung Hero” will be released nationwide on February 1, the first day of the new year of the Tiger Year. The Cantonese version will be released simultaneously, and pre-sale has already started. The film is produced by Shenzhen Yuanren Animation Co., Ltd. and Huaxia Film Distribution Co., Ltd., so stay tuned.

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