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Original title: Liu Cixin: At present, domestic science fiction films and televisions tend to emphasize special effects and neglect scripts, which is putting the cart before the horse

“Science fiction blurs the national and ethnic boundaries, and it is the type of literature that can most resonate with readers from different countries and cultural backgrounds. Now there are quite a lot of Chinese science fiction works translated into English, Japanese and other languages ​​and spread overseas. The world’s understanding of Chinese science fiction Much more than before.” Liu Cixin, a well-known science fiction writer, said in an exclusive interview with Xinhua News Agency a few days ago.

The 2021 Children’s Science Fiction Conference and the 12th Chinese Science Fiction Nebula Carnival, which ended in Chongqing on the 23rd, received widespread attention and heated discussions from science fiction fans due to Liu Cixin’s attendance.

Liu Cixin

In 2015, Liu Cixin’s science fiction novel “Three Body” won the world science fiction award “Hugo Award”, and was subsequently translated into more than ten languages ​​such as English, French, German, and Spanish, and was sold globally, driving Chinese science fiction “ice-breaking” to the sea . In the past six years, more outstanding domestic science fiction works have been published, and related industries such as publishing, film and television, and games have ushered in the spring of development.

And Liu Cixin’s attitude is as positive and cautious as ever: “Whether it is science fiction literature or film and television, the most important thing at the moment is to strengthen the creation of original science fiction content. China’s science fiction should step up its overall creative level and show more excellent works to the world.”

“Science fiction is closely related to the development of technology and the development of the times. You must express in science fiction the issues that all mankind cares about, not just the issues that the nation and the country care about.” Liu Cixin said, compared with previous creations, in recent years The coming science fiction works pay more attention to virtual reality, artificial intelligence and other technologies that change people’s lives, and explore the relationship between technology, people, and society.

Regarding the development of domestic science fiction film and television, Liu Cixin said that in addition to creating more influential science fiction literature IP, it needs to be further strengthened in creativity. Liu Cixin said that science fiction film and television is a creative-intensive project. Part of the creativity comes from the special effects production of the movie itself, and the other part comes from the story told by the movie.

He believes that there is a tendency for domestic science fiction films to emphasize special effects and neglect scripts. This is turning the cart before the horse. “A really good story can be successful even without first-class special effects.”

Good scripts are inseparable from good screenwriters. Therefore, the training of local professionals is also extremely urgent. “Compared with sci-fi writers, sci-fi screenwriters are more scarce. The reason why most of the domestic sci-fi movies are based on IP and lack of original scripts is precisely because of the lack of professional screenwriters familiar with science fiction.” Liu Cixin said.

It is worth mentioning that in the past two years, Liu Cixin and the Chinese science fiction community have begun to turn their attention to “Science Fiction for Children”. He believes that the curiosity and imagination of children are the spiritual core and source of charm of science fiction literature.

At the 2021 Children’s Science Fiction Conference, Liu Cixin appeared as the chairman of the Juvenile Science Fiction Nebula Award Organizing Committee and presented awards to a group of award-winning domestic children’s science fiction works.

“With the development of the times, the science fiction read in childhood will become more and more real. Compared with fairy tales and other fantasy literature, science fiction will have a more profound impact on the future of young readers.” He hopes that it will attract More authors devote themselves to excellent children’s science fiction creation, let more children fall in love with science fiction, and lay the foundation for the overall development of China’s science fiction in the future.

(Wen Jinghua, Wu Yanxia, ​​Zhao Yufei)

Source: Xinhua News Agency

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