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Liu Hanzhu helped Xiao S make a reservation at a top restaurant through her relationship, but she was extremely dumbfounded that she was temporarily let go of the bird a week ago. (Picture/recapped from YouTube/Miss Buxidi)

The anchor Liu Hanzhu has moved to the entertainment industry in recent years. In addition to hosting work, he is also a frequent guest on many talk shows. And she has a passion for food in private, and she has researched it, no matter whether it is civilian food or super high-end Michelin restaurants, she has eaten almost all of them. But she revealed on the show recently that she had booked a top-level tempura restaurant for an “international superstar” before, but was let go by the other party at the last moment, causing her to almost pay 60,000 yuan, and what she said made her suffer in the end. The “international superstar” who swallowed the mess of 8,000 yuan is actually the actress Xiao S (Xu Xidi).

Liu Hanzhu broke the news on the show “Miss Bu Xidi” a few days ago that she had been let go by a certain “international superstar” friend. It turned out that she had a superstar friend who usually took good care of her. I want to eat a certain top tempura restaurant, but I can’t get a seat no matter how I order. Because Liu Hanzhu is usually taken care of by this “international superstar”, she wanted to say that she hoped to have the opportunity to repay him. It happened that a friend often went to that top tempura restaurant and was a regular customer of the restaurant, so she had the cheek to ask “A friend of a friend” finally managed to book 8 seats at that top-notch tempura restaurant.

  After Liu Hanzhu was released by Xiao S, he was deeply afraid that he would have to pay 64,000 yuan for meals. He was worried for a while, and Xiao S was ashamed and said,
After Liu Hanzhu was released by Xiao S, he was deeply afraid that he would have to pay 64,000 yuan for meals. He was worried for a while, and Xiao S was ashamed and said, “I will remit it to you!” )

After Liu Hanzhu booked a table, he happily announced the good news to the international superstar. The other party also said: “Yes, I want! I will treat the eight of you to dinner”, which made me secretly happy, and felt that I could finally use my network to repay the favor. Unexpectedly, a week before the reservation day, this “superstar friend” suddenly said that he couldn’t be there due to something, which made Liu Hanzhu collapse on the spot, thinking: “Leave me a mess!”

Liu Hanzhu said that once the reservation is made, it cannot be canceled, and the top-notch tempura restaurant costs 8,000 yuan for one meal, which means that she alone has to pay a total of 64,000 yuan for all the reservations. After eating, she asked her friends to help her to reduce her burden, but she admitted that she felt like “eating an 8,000 yuan meal for no reason”.

And the “international superstar” that Liu Hanzhu talked about temporarily released the bird, in fact, it was the actress Xiao S. After learning the truth, Xiao S also confessed that she was sorry to Liu Hanzhu. It was because the commercial shooting date was temporarily rescheduled that the meal was canceled; He also emphasized that he didn’t know that the restaurant could not be canceled, and the other party had to swallow the meal bills for 8 people. He said in shame on the spot: “I will remit the money to you!”

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