Live America vs National – BetPlay League


America: Joel Graterol; Jhon Palacios (Héctor Quiñones 46 ‘), Marlon Torres, Jorge Segura, Elvis Mosquera; Jeison Lucumí, Luis Paz (Rodrigo Ureña 46 ‘), Daniel Hernández (Carlos Sierra 54’); Deinner Quiñones, Mauricio Gómez (Joao Rodríguez 62 ‘), Adrián Ramos.
Coach: Juan Carlos Osorio.

National: Aldair Quintana; Yerson Candelo, Felipe Aguilar (Geisson Perea 86 ‘), Emmanuel Olivera, Danovis Banguero; Brayan Rovira, Sebastián Gómez (Nelson Palacio 85 ‘), Jarlan Barrera (Yeison Guzmán 57’), Dorlan Pabón (Alex Castro 73 ‘), Andrés Andrade; Jefferson Duque (Ruyery Blanco 86 ‘).
Coach: Alejandro Restrepo.

Goals: 0-1 Min 15 Emmanuel Olivera; 0-2 Min 59 Sebastián Gómez.

Admonished: Jhon Palacios (America), Felipe Aguilar (National), Luis Paz (America), Danovis Banguero (National), Aldair Quintana (National), Jorge Segura (America), Sebastián Gómez (National).

Key moments:

13’ ¡Palo! Segura’s powerful left-footer from mid-range, Quintana touched the ball with his fingertips and then hit the post.

15 & # 39; National Goal! After looking for a wall with Andrade, Olivera took a shoe on the edge of the area and nailed the ball in the corner.

43’ ¡Palo! Powerful free kick by Adrián Ramos and the ball crashed into the post.

59 & # 39; National goal! Great pass from Dorlan, Gomez received unmarked and took a left foot to beat Graterol.

65 ‘He looked for America. Quiñones drove the ball down the right wing and finished inside the area, but the ball went high.


Dorlan Pabón: He was one of the most destabilizing players, he was participative and influential in the development of the game. In addition, he reported with an assist.

Development of the match:

Nacional did not need much to beat America 0-2, it was simply effective in the plays it had and with this victory ratified its classification to the home runs of the BetPlay League.

It was a first time in which the ‘scarlets’ proposed a more offensive game, but they did not count effectively, they even crashed two balls on the post, while the ‘purslane’ were effective in the first dangerous approach they had.

In the time of addition of the first half, the Antioquia team was able to extend its advantage through Sebastián Gómez, but the goal play was canceled out of place.

However, the midfielder was not left with the cry of celebration in his throat, because at minute 59, after a great pass from Dorlan Pabón, he extended the advantage of the ‘purslane’.

The ‘scarlets’, who also had a goal play annulled, quickly looked for a discount on an option from Deinner Quiñones, but lacked clarity in their shot. Since then, the Valle team could not dangerously approach Aldair Quintana’s goal again and let three points escape at home.

With this result, Nacional reached 36 points and on date 16 will receive Once Caldas, while America continues with 19 units and will visit Tolima.


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