LIVE – Assassination of Samuel Paty: seven people referred, including two minors


In reaction to the terrorist assassination of history and geography professor Samuel Paty on Friday, the weekly Charlie Hebdo will devote its Wednesday front page to “the decapitated republic”. Riss, the editorial director, drew the heads of firefighter, postwoman, judge, nurse and Emmanuel Macron, with the question “Who’s next?”

“The freedoms to teach, to express oneself, to discuss and to question each other build, word after word, our common language, the basis of any democracy. There is no doubt today that through their victims c t is the whole democracy that these assassins want to behead, “writes Riss in his editorial. “The act is so unheard of that it is beyond our strength to admit that we are witnessing unprecedented violence, an event that will make a mark and will force us to admit that there is a ‘before ‘and an’ after ‘, “said the editorial director.

The attack on Samuel Paty, professor, came three weeks after the one in front of the former Charlie Hebdo premises in Paris, while the trial of the January 2015 attacks that decimated the weekly’s editorial staff is being held until November 10. . The newspaper’s editorial staff have been the subject of new threats, from Al-Qaeda in particular, since the republication of the cartoons of Muhammad on September 2 for the opening of the trial.


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