Live: Atlético Tucumán surprises and is beating Estudiantes 1 to 0

Faced with the support of his people, Estudiantes are currently playing against Atlético Tucumán in the Stadium of 1 and 57. The match is refereed by Hernán Mastrángelo and can only be seen live on the encrypted cable signal TNT Sports. However, the crossing before the Dean, who will return to UNO after that opening with a tie, has the classic Supertransmi by FM La Redonda, at 100.3 on the dial.

With a goal against Agustin Rogel at three minutes, at the end of the first half Estudiantes loses against Atlético Tucumán and is not showing a good performance.

The possession of the ball and the dynamics of those now led by “Cholo” Guiñazú is complicating Zielinski’s team too much. Students cannot generate danger, nor build a game with lucidity, for which variants are not ruled out for the start of the second half.

It should be noted that the Lion urgently needs to resume the path of victory. And it is that four games without smiles kept those of Ricardo Zielinski away from the fight for the tournament and made him lose a lot of ground in qualifying for the next Copa Libertadores, the great institutional objective.


The match started in the worst way for León: just 3 minutes into the game, Atlético Tucumán took the lead after an attack that the white-haired defense could not clear, and in a blooper Agustín Rogel sent the ball to the bottom of the goal. Andújar. The Dean of Tucumán wins 1 to 0.

Disconcerted by the rival’s blow, the Pincha began to look for Ayoví as a benchmark in the area, to achieve equality quickly. While in the stands the fans’ breath is greater and they make the players feel the pressure.

After 15 minutes Atlético settled down on the field and tries to put “cold cloths” on it, although there is more to be disputed than is played. The meeting is stung at times.

Powerless, and under the guidance of Ricardo Zielinski, Pincha tries to have the ball, although it is an impossible task so far. Vague, the red-and-white set does not find the associated game.

At ’32 he won a free kick in favor thanks to a good individual play by Kociubinski. Despite this, he could not take advantage and the ball ended up far from the goal after the execution.

Dispute, friction in the midfield. The party in this part entered a plateau and at the moment the Tucuman cast justifies the partial victory. He even had a new arrival of danger in the face of a disorderly defense, but Mariano Andújar saved his team.

Seconds prior to the end of the first stage, Atlético scored a legal goal, but the play was invalid. The visitor took advantage of a disoriented defense and almost stretched the advantage.



Students: Mariano Andujar; Godoy, Rogel, Noguera, Aguirregaray; Zuqui, Kociubinski, Sánchez Miño, Pellegrini; Del Prete and Ayovi. DT: Ricardo Zielinski.

Atlético Tucumán: Cristian Lucchetti; Francisco Campos, Marcelo Ortiz, Yonathan Cabral and Gabriel Risso Patrón; Guillermo Acosta, Cristian Erbes, Leonardo Heredia and Ramiro Carrera; Augusto Lotti and Ramiro Ruiz Rodríguez. DT: Pablo Guiñazú.

Referee: Hernán Mastrángelo.

Stadium: 1 AND 57

Hour: 19.00.

TV: TNT Sports.


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