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The response of Maître Charles Flobert, notary, member of the Chambre des notaires de Paris : “As soon as the file is in order, as indicated by the seller’s notary, the sale can be signed by means of powers of attorney sent by the parties by email to the notary to receive the deed. If the notary of the purchaser is not reachable, the purchaser can entrust the file to the notary of the seller who, then, will receive the deed of sale in his capacity as notary of the two parties with collaborators agent, representative, the sellers and buyers.

In addition, a difficulty exists with regard to authentic powers of attorney, in particular for sales in new buildings and for donations, because clients must appear personally before a notary. Remote proxies are not possible for these so-called solemn acts. However, at the request of the notariat, the public authorities adopted an emergency decree on April 4, 2020, decree 2020-395, indicating that remote appearance is, for a transitional period, authorized for authentic electronic documents. These provisions are very positive and will be rolled out from the week of April 6, 2020 gradually in the notarial profession in order to start signing, for example, donations or new sales. ”

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