LIVE – Covid-19: 2,216,000 vaccinations carried out in France, 3,353 people in intensive care


Louis Aliot (RN), mayor of Perpignan, announced today that four museums in Perpignan will reopen their doors on Tuesday: the Rigaud museum, the Casa Pairal, the natural history museum and the medals museum.

Access to these four sites will be free for one month. An attendance gauge, which respects health constraints (10 m2 per person), will also be put in place.

The elected representative explained this decision: “culture is essential to the life of Perpignan residents like all French people, it is high time to reopen cultural places, some say it, we are doing it. We are experimenting with reopening cultural places on our museums “. “I ask for the right to an experiment. I hope that other mayors will follow. There has to be a reaction,” he insists.

Four municipal decrees were to be signed in the afternoon by the mayor of Perpignan to formalize the reopening.

This announcement follows Roselyne Bachelot’s statements earlier today. The Minister of Culture had thus made it known that “museums and monuments will be the first to reopen” when the epidemic pressure is less strong in France.


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