LIVE – Covid-19 in France: more than 400 deaths in hospital in 24 hours and around 4,000 confirmed cases


Up to 650 people, according to the police, marched on Monday in Nantes to say “no” to the death of restaurant workers, bars and nightclubs. The event, which looks like a funeral march, was organized at the call of the local Union of Trades in the Hotel Industry, Umih 44, and the National Group of Independent Hotel and Restaurant Workers.

“Restaurateurs, craftsmen, we are essential,” they chanted, parading behind a black banner on which was written “Let us work”, noted an AFP photographer. “I am a restaurateur”, “I am a nightclub”, “I am a bar”, “hotelier”, “cafetier”, “caterer”, “event”, “brewer”, “wholesaler”, also proclaimed signs brandished by the demonstrators , owners and employees of establishments open to the public closed because of the health crisis.


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