LIVE – Covid-19: last days before confinement for the 20 departments “under surveillance”?


Concerns in UK after Brazilian variant case detected

As the UK rejoiced at the progress of vaccinations, health authorities announced on Sunday that they had detected six cases of people infected with a variant, identified in Manaus, in northern Brazil, which could be more contagious and resist existing vaccines. One of these people could not be located due to incomplete contact details provided as part of his test.

This P1 variant, which shares some of the mutations of the highly contagious South African variant, was first identified in Manaus, Brazil, in January, the Guardian. Current vaccines could be less effective against him, the newspaper continues.


Bachelot ensures that “culture is not at a standstill” in France

“Culture is not at a standstill” in France, assures Roselyne Bachelot, again challenged by professionals in the sector.

“The recordings, residences, shootings, and rehearsals so important to prepare to present shows when cultural places will reopen, are maintained”, pleads the minister in The Parisian. “All this makes it possible to continue creation, to propose cultural projects and to make an entire ecosystem work.”

“Then, we allowed booksellers, when they were closed, in addition to the clicks carried away, to send the books ordered from them free of charge: we have never been deprived of books”, continues Roselyne Bachelot in this interview. “Art galleries and record stores were able to reopen in early December. Parks, gardens and media libraries were also kept open.”

Why not reopen more widely, like some of our European neighbors? “The few who relax the constraints do so either because their health situation is much better than ours, or because they do not have, and deplore it, moreover, the means to support cultural structures as much as France. and artists who cannot work, “retorts Roselyne Bachelot.


Nearly 3,500 patients in intensive care this Sunday

Nearly 3,500 people with Covid-19 were treated this Sunday in intensive care units in France, an indicator in slow progression, according to data published by Public Health France.

With 3,492 patients, including 164 received in the past 24 hours, the level of occupation of the intensive care units, where the most serious cases are treated, returns to that of early December, at the end of the second epidemic wave of the coronavirus.

The number of patients in sheaves fell to around 2,600 at the start of January, before gradually rising again since, as a result of the increase in the circulation of the virus since the beginning of the year. But this level remains far from the peak of the 2nd wave in autumn (4900) and, above all, from the 1st wave in spring (7000).

The total number of people hospitalized reached 25,280 on Sunday, a stable figure.


Last days before reconfinement for the 20 departments “under surveillance”?

Hello everyone and welcome to this new live dedicated to the evolution of the Covid-19 epidemic. Was it the last weekend before reconfinement for the 20 departments placed “under surveillance” by Jean Castex? If the Nice and Dunkirk regions have already experienced new restrictions, other territories could follow this week, as the pandemic is once again gaining ground, reinforced by variants of the coronavirus.

A meeting took place on Saturday morning between Jean Castex, the ministers of health and the interior, the prefects of the 20 departments and the directors general of the regional health agencies of the areas affected by the rapid rise in indicators. The Prime Minister has already called for the strengthening of the control of the measures already in force.

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