LIVE – Earthquakes in Turkey and Syria: the total toll exceeds 8,700 dead, including 2,400 in Syria

The death toll now exceeds 8,700

According to a new official communication this Wednesday morning, the provisional toll of the earthquakes which struck Turkey and Syria now exceeds 8,700 dead.

“Find the pockets of survival”, a member of the Civil Security details the work of the relief workers

Two days after the violent earthquakes that hit Turkey and Syria, rescue operations continue. With BFMTV, Lieutenant-Colonel Cyrille of Civil Security, dispatched to Turkey with several dozen other French people, describes the work of the relief workers.

“Currently, our teams are working on an eight-storey building which has completely collapsed,” he said, while local authorities said in the morning that 19 people were still probably buried on this site in the city of Osmaniye.

“Our goal is to find pockets of survival, and of course to find survivors as quickly as possible. But our role is also to return the bodies to the families. If we know that there are still buried people, we will do everything do to look for them, whether they are dead or alive”, he explains again.

How to give to NGOs that help victims?

The populations affected by the violent earthquakes that have ravaged parts of Turkey and Syria need help. With the destruction, tens of thousands of people find themselves homeless, at the mercy of extremely cold weather.

If international humanitarian aid is set up, several NGOs specializing in these extreme situations have set up calls for donations. has listed them and tells you how to donate.

What is the seismic risk in metropolitan France?

Two days after the deadly earthquakes in Turkey and Syria, many questions arise. This drama is a reminder of the danger posed by earthquakes, these phenomena which can affect many territories, including France.

The Résif-Epos seismological network written record “more than 4,000 earthquakes each year in mainland France, of which an average of thirty are felt by the population.”

Find the light of on the situation and the seismic risk in France.

Why are the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria so deadly?

According to a report which remains provisional, 8300 have already died in the violent earthquakes which hit Turkey and Syria on Monday. A figure that could increase as rescue operations continue.

Several elements including, first and foremost, the violence of the earthquake and its aftershocks, which caused significant material destruction throughout the region, explain this already dramatic assessment.

In addition, other factors, such as population density and the current extremely harsh weather, explain this high figure. Find the lighting of

Death toll exceeds 8,300, including 2,400 in Syria

According to a new provisional report communicated by the authorities this Wednesday morning, more than 8,300 people died in the earthquakes which affected the region, including 2,400 nothing for Syria.

The two countries reported that 5,894 people died in Turkey and 2,470 in Syria, bringing the total death toll to 8,364.

Washington claims to help the Syrian people, but not the Damascus regime

International humanitarian aid is on the move, two days after the devastating earthquake in Turkey and Syria.

At the same time, the United States said it was working with local NGOs in Syria to help the victims, but denied any link with the government of Damascus and Bashar al-Assad.

“We are determined to provide this assistance in order to help the Syrian people overcome” this ordeal, said the head of American diplomacy, Anthony Blinken, who assures “that these funds will of course go to the Syrian people, not to the regime” damask.

More than 7,800 dead, race against time to rescue survivors

The earthquake which occurred at dawn on Monday is the worst earthquake in Turkey since that of August 17, 1999 which killed 17,000 people. For nearly 48 hours, the toll of this drama has continued to increase.

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