LIVE – “If agreements save jobs, the State will be by Renault’s side”, promises Muriel Pénicaud


Guest of the LCI / RTL / Le Figaro Grand Jury, Renault CEO Jean-Dominique Senard returned to the announcement of his 2 billion euro savings plan, which plans to cut more than 10,000 jobs worldwide , including 4,600 in France.

– Regarding the situation of the Maubeuge factory, whose employees demonstrated yesterday, he said: “I have no a priori intention to close the Maubeuge factory. I assure you, I never said and I didn’t even think of it for that matter. ”

– What about the other factories in the group? “Flins will not close,” assured the boss of the automaker. On the other hand, the Caudan factory (Foundry of Brittany) should be sold. “It makes possible solutions. I think this company is not intended to stay in the group,” said the CEO. He wants to make the north of France “one of the major centers of the automotive industry in France”.

– The president of Renault insisted on the need to implement his plan to save the group, described as “fragile”. “If we do nothing today a number of sites in our country in particular are at risk.” To explain the manufacturer’s difficulties, he advanced the group’s “overcapacity” and the underuse of several factories. “The company is intended to produce 5.5 million cars, of which we have produced only 3.8 million.”

– Jean-Dominique Senard assured that his plan was still only a project, which should be discussed, in particular with the unions. “I have the reputation of a social boss, I do not intend to change my reputation. There will be no dismissals. You have to take the time, find a solution for everyone. I never no one left by the road, today is not the day to start. “

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