LIVE – Iranian President welcomes end of “dreadful reign” of “tyrant” Donald Trump


A few hours before the end of his mandate, the future ex-tenant of the Oval Office granted his presidential pardon to Steve Bannon, eminence grise of his 2016 campaign and who was then his advisor to the White House before falling from grace.

Accused of embezzling funds allegedly intended for the construction of a wall on the United States-Mexico border, the former adviser to Donald Trump obtained the president’s clemency. Steve Bannon faces a 40-year prison sentence. If he were convicted, a presidential pardon would effectively overturn the charges against him.

In recent months, Donald Trump has already used this presidential power on several occasions. In total, 73 employees and relatives have benefited, according to a statement from the White House. Otherwise, the sentences of 70 other people have been reduced, is it also specified.

Note, finally, that Donald Trump did not pardon himself as expected, neither his lawyer Rudy Giuliani, nor any advisor in office. Justice will therefore take its course concerning them. The White House made public the complete list of the 143 pardons and sentences commuted by the outgoing president.


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