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LIVE – Ligue 1: Montpellier-Lyon live

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Half-time in Montpellier!

OL lead 1-0 at the break against MHSC. A logical advantage given the Lyon domination during almost all of this first act. The Montpellier have obtained some interesting situations but make too many technical errors.

Other yellow cards against OL? (45th)

The match delegate tells Canal + that Emerson and Lopes have also been warned. Nobody understands anything anymore.

Yellow card for Boateng (45th)

Big imbroglio concerning the identity of the informed player. The referee had initially warned Emerson for a foul on the previous action. But it was Boateng who was guilty of the obstruction. The referee therefore canceled the card for the Italian before addressing it to the German.

Gusto’s rescue (43rd)

Magnificent out of the ball from Montpellier with Jordan Ferri who picks up speed on the right flank. His ball to Mavididi in the axis is excellent but Malo Gusto intervenes perfectly and clears for a corner.

Yellow card for Caqueret (40th)

Maxence Caqueret arrived late on the Montpellier winger and receives a warning.

Telescope between Gioacchini and Caqueret (39th)

The two players collided and remained on the ground for a few moments, in particular the American who took longer to get up than the Lyon midfielder.

Poor cross from Mavididi (37th)

The Briton is looking for a teammate from his left flank but his cross is far too strong and ends up in touch for OL.

Guimaraes shot largely out of target (35th)

The Brazilian is served full axis by Caqueret. He then tried his luck but the ball flew into the stands of La Mosson.

Mavididi pushes his ball too much (32nd)

Good spurt from Cozza on a pass from Paqueta. The Montpellier defender then launches Mavididi on the left side. The Briton progresses with the ball at his foot but pushes his ball too far trying to get rid of Denayer. Goal kick for Anthony Lopes.

Yellow card for Slimani (30th)

Quite logically, the Algerian striker is warned by the referee for having replayed this ball with his hand. The former Monegasque does not understand because he considers that the leather was out of bounds at the time of his spike.

Slimani volleyball player for an action (29th)

Souquet concedes a dangerous free kick in favor of OL. Bruno Guimaraes hits him directly but Slimani taps the ball with his hand at the far post.

The Toko-Ekambi Festival (27e)

The Cameroonian succeeds in a series of dribbles on the left side but forgets his teammate Aouar behind. He ends up losing the mastery of leather.

Good intervention from Denayer (25th)

Florent Mollet crosses from the right side this time. No Montpellier at the reception and the Belgian defender can clear.

Malo Gusto visibly affected (23rd)

In the fight with Ristic, Malo Gusto holds his mouth and the game is interrupted for a few moments. The international hopes received an involuntary slap from the Serbian side.

Gioacchini can’t control (20th)

Florent Mollet swings to the left and crosses to the center of Gioacchini. The American loses control and loses the ball.


On the right side, Malo Gusto distills an excellent cross for Slimani. The Algerian regains his right foot but the ball hits Omlin’s bar. Paqueta followed well and scored with a header.

Good shot from Paqueta (15th)

On the edge of the surface, Paqueta shifts to the right before continuing with a cross shot. Omlin comes out of the tip of the gloves this strike which was clearly taking the path of the frame.

New Lyon possession streak (13th)

The Rhone residents multiply the transmissions against the Montpellier block. The action ends with a nice movement but Bruno Guimaraes’ ball towards Paqueta is too long.

Aouar’s little dangerous strike (11th)

On the outskirts of the full-axis surface, Houssem Aouar tries his luck but his shot is too crushed and flees the frame of Omlin.

The bar for Mollet! (9th)

Jordan Ferri finds Mavididi on the right side. The Briton gets rid of Denayer then crosses back for Mollet whose left strike hit Anthony Lopes’ crossbar.

Souquet’s shot on target (8th)

On the left side, Mollet transplanted in the axis and shifts Souquet to the other side. The Montpellier side tries his luck on the right but Lopes catches the ball.

Lyon settles in the Montpellier camp (6th)

Peter Bosz’s men have been confiscating the leather for a few moments. Montpellier seem too far from the ball carrier to thwart Lyon’s domination.

Bad behavior of the ball by Paqueta (4th)

The Brazilian is picking up speed in the axis. Embarrassed by the good return of Jordan Ferri, he pushes his ball too far and Omlin will be able to restart.

Gusto center pushed back (2nd)

Slightly off-center to the right, Paqueta shifts Gusto. The young Lyon side crosses back but it is out in touch by Joris Chotard.

Gioacchini too long ball (2nd)

The American looks for Valère Germain in depth but the ball is too deep and Anthony Lopes grabs it without difficulty.

Let’s go to Montpellier!

After a fictitious kickoff given by Henri Bedimo, champion of France with the MHSC in 2012, the locals engage and let’s go to La Mosson!

Lyonnais still too irregular

Excellent in the Europa League with 5 victories in as many matches, Peter Bosz’s men are much more disappointing in Ligue 1. Their last league match dates back to November 7 and a 4-1 defeat in Rennes, the match against OM from last Sunday having been interrupted. Only 10th in Ligue 1, Lyon has the same number of points as its opponent. They have also scored and conceded as many goals as the MHSC (21).

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Montpellier to the revival

Defeated in Rennes (2-0) last weekend, Olivier Dall’Oglio’s men will be keen to restart the machine this afternoon. Especially since the dynamics of the Hérault are rather good since they have won 3 of their last 5 games. 9th in Ligue 1, the MHSC can come back to Angers, 6th, in case of success against OL.

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The composition of Lyon, still deprived of Dubois

OL line up a typical quasi-team this afternoon against the Héraultais. Injured since the international break, Léo Dubois is replaced by Malo Gusto, 18, on the right side of the defense. Moussa Dembélé, still a little tight physically, starts on the bench. He is replaced by Islam Slimani. Toko-Ekambi and Paqueta will occupy the corridors while Aouar takes place as playmaker.

The composition of Montpellier with Germain but without Savanier

Montpellier metronome Téji Savanier is absent tonight against Lyon. The former Nîmes man is serving a suspension after receiving a red card last week against Rennes. Also absent was Maxime Estève, slightly injured and replaced by Nicolas Cozza on defense alongside Sakho. In front of Valère Germain is lined up in the lead with Nicholas Gioacchini in support. Florent Mollet and Stephy Mavididi will lead the wings.

Hello everyone !

Welcome to this live to follow this match of the 15th day of Ligue 1 between Montpellier and Lyon.


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