LIVE: Marathón is passing over a poor Honduras Progreso in the Yankel – Diez

Good afternoon, welcome to the minute by minute game, Marathon vs Honduras Progreso!

Min.76 Honduras Progreso makes two changes; out: Selvin Tinoco and Marcelo Canales, came in: Sanuel Lucas and Axel Soto.

Min.70 Marathón makes three changes: Jhon Paul Suazo, Bruno Volpi and Kervin Arriaga leave to admit Carlos Perdomo, Yaudel Lahera and Moisés Motiño.

Min. 59 GOOOOL of the Marathon. The Argentine Bruno Volpi makes the third easily before the departure of Kevin Hernández.

Min.53 Marathón makes another change, Marlon Ramírez entered and leaves the Ryduan Palermo field who did little or nothing.

Min.46 The second half starts. Cristian Sacaza came in and Yonny Dolmo came out.

Min.45 The first half ends in San Pedro Sula. The Monster wins 2-0.

Min.41 First change in Honduras Progreso: Carlos Alvarado left and the Colombian Yerson Gutiérrez entered.

Min. 35 GOOOOL of the Marathon. Kervin Arriaga makes his free kick spectacular. Impossible for Hernández, who flew but did not reach him.

Min.34 Selvin Guevara leaves, sacrificed, and Bryan Jhonson enters to make up for Techera’s loss in the central defense.

Min.29 EXPELLED. Mathías Techera goes for a double yellow after committing a violent foul on Yonny Suazo from Honduras Progreso.

Min.28 Yellow for Mathías Techera who fouls Rafael Agamez.

Min.26 Bruno Volpi finishes off from the ground but his shot goes wide of Hernández’s goal.

Min.21 Kervin Arriaga’s bombshell and goalkeeper Kevin Hernández rebound. Near the second the green monster.

Min.15 GOOOOOL of the Marathon. Mathías Techera gets up inside the area and heads down Kevin Hernández who claims: “What did I tell you with the brand cipote hdp …”

Min.12 Marcelo Canales’s free-kick shot directly into Ortiz’s hands.

Min.10 Rafael Agamez’s shot that deflected from Luis Ortiz’s goal.

Min.7 Kervin Arriaga’s header after a corner kick. Marathon was close to getting the first of the game.

Min.2 Foul on the edge of the area in favor of Marathón; They get off Selvin Guevara and a dangerous charge comes.

Min.1 The game begins at Yankel, the purslane are looking to continue at the top. Saíd Martínez says, let’s go play.

2.59 pm The teams are already on the court. There is a minute of silence for the death of one of the sons of the National League commissioner, Mr. Saúl Martínez.

The 11 of Marathon: Luis Enrique Ortiz, John Paul Suazo, Cristian Moreira, Mathías Techera, Luis Verga, Luis Garrido, Kervin Arriaga, Selvin Guevara, Edwin Solani, Bruno Volpi and Ryduan Palermo. DT Héctor Vargas.

Honduras Progress: Kevin Hernández, Miguel Ángel Herrera, Jorge Zaldivar, Marcelo Canales, Rafael Agamez, Carlos Alvarado, Edwin Maldonado, Arnaldo Urbina, Selvin Tinoco, Juan Martínez and Yonny Dolmon. DT David Fúnez


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