LIVE: Olimpia and Marathón confirm lineups for the second leg of the playoffs at the Nacional! – Ten


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2:44 pm Cristian Cálix warming up at the Marathon. The tiny steering wheel is headline today with the greens.

2:40 pm The Olimpia and Marathón squads finish the warm-up and return to the dressing room to get ready.

On the 11th of Olympia: Edrick Menjívar, José García, Brayan Beckeles, Jonathan Paz, Javier Portillo, Carlos Pineda, Cristian Altamirano, Edwin Rodríguez, José Mario Pinto, Jorge Benguché and Jerry Bengtson. DT: Pedro Troglio.

The meringue bank: Alex Güity, Félix Crisanto, Samuel Córdova, Gastón Díaz, Axel Maldonado, German Mejía, Allan Banegas, Jorge Álvarez, Josman Figueroa, Yustin Arboleda, Eddie Hernández and Diego Reyes.

The 11th of the Marathon: Denovan Torres, Luis Vega, Allans Vargas, Mathías Techera, José Aguilera, Luis Garrido, Isaac Castillo, Mario Martínez, Cristian Cálix, Frelys López and Edwin Solani. DT Martín “Tato” García.

Emerald substitutes: Harold Fonseca, John Paul Suazo, Selvin Guevara, Bayron Rodríguez, Reinieri Mayorquín, Jeffry Miranda, Víctor Berríos, Bryan Castillo, Mikel Santos and Luis Ortíz.

2:19pm The clubs are getting ready to go out onto the field to warm up. We will know the lineups shortly.

2:17pm The moment in which the Ultra Fiel bar made its arrival at the National Stadium. Today they ask for a comeback.

2:10pm Olimpia players at the time of entering the National. Authorities fumigating their shoes.

2:07pm The moment when the Olimpia squad arrived at the National Stadium. Fans awaited his arrival to take selfies with their players.

2:04pm Marathón will not be alone today at the Nacional. Emerald followers can be seen on the saddle steps.

1:59m Olimpia fans have come in great numbers to the National Stadium in Tegucigalpa.

1:53pm A draw is enough for the greens. The albos have to win by two goals difference to advance directly to the semifinals. The visiting goal is not worth here. A 1-0 victory for Whites will force them to define the pass via penalties.

1:50pm Marathón arrives with the advantage on aggregate after winning 1-0 in the capital.

1:45pm The Olimpia and Marathón squads are already in the National Stadium of Tegucigalpa.

1:40 pm Welcome to the Minute by Minute of the playoff round between Olimpia and Marathón.


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