LIVE – Premier League: follow Brentford-Manchester United

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Ball returned to the Bees (20th)

Fernandes tries to find Greenwood over the Bees defence, but the Englishman can only beat the ball into Lossl’s gloves.

Ronaldo gets a free kick (18th)

The Portuguese has his foot stepped on next to the touchline, a free kick for Manchester.

Fred is not there (16th)

The Brazilian is very imprecise in his transmissions and his shots. The midfielder of the Red Devils is not very reassuring for his defense.

What defensive feverishness on the Manchester United side (14th)

After David De Gea’s stoppage, the Red Devils suffered a 3-minute streak of suffering, without managing to clear themselves. The Bees get another corner.

What a save from De Gea!!! (11th)

What a parade from the foot of David De Gea! Dalot loses the ball and comes to fix the defense of MU, the ball bounces in the feet of Janssen, who tries a strike on the ground at the near post, but De Gea stretches his leg and returns the ball with his foot.

Highlight for the Red Devils (9th)

The Mancunians hadn’t gotten into this game well yet. They conceded the first chances of this match being a little sleepy, but the trend is reversed. CR7 and his family take control of this match and put pressure on the goal of Lossl, the new goalkeeper of the Bees.

Corner for MU (7th)

Hit at the near post, the corner is cleared by the defense of Brentford.

A lawn… original

Handball by Elanga (3rd)

The young Elanga, who is only living his second tenure, commits a hand fault and concedes a free kick from 35 meters.

First ball in the area! (1st)

It starts strong for the Bees! On a long touch, the ball lands in full surface of the Red Devils, it is released urgently by a Mancunian. The ball falls back into the feet of Jansen, who fires a half-volley, it’s wide.

C’est parti au Brentford Community Stadium !

Let’s go ! Mr. Marriner whistles the kick-off of this Brentford-Manchester United under the chants of the Bees supporters!

La composition de Manchester United

The starting XI lined up by Ralf Rangnick, with Cristiano Ronaldo incumbent and Sancho absent from the squad:

La composition de Brentford

Hello everyone!

Welcome to this live commentary of the meeting between Brentford (14th) and Manchester United (7th), a late match of the 17th day of the Premier League. Kick-off at 9 p.m. at Brentford Community Stadium.


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