Sport LIVE: Real España is beating UPN in Morazán -...

LIVE: Real España is beating UPN in Morazán – Diez


Welcome to the minute by minute of Real España – UPN!

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Real Spain 3-0 UPN

75 ‘ Uuufff … Samuel Elvir’s shot but the young debutante goalkeeper of Real Spain, Bryan Ramos, saves his goal.

73 ‘GOOOOOLLL OF REAL SPAIN! Darixon Vuelta marks the third of the aurinegros. Delis Vargas put up with the mark, turned around and saw the arrival of Darixon Vuelta who was facing the frame and shot Celio Valladares to put the 3-0.

69 ‘ Bombazo by Jairo Róchez that goalkeeper Bryan Ramos sends to the corner kick.

67 ‘ Change in UPN:
Entered: Victor Moncada
Departed: Luis Argeñal

64 ‘ UPN continues to be defeated by Real España at the Morazán Stadium.

46 ‘ UPN change
Entered: Samuel Elvir
Out: Arnold Meléndez

46 ‘ Change in UPN:
Entered: Carlos Róchez
Departed: Sendel Cruz

46 ‘ Change in Real Spain:
Entered: José Quiroz
Departed: Santiago Correa

The complement stage started: Real Spain defeats UPN 2-0.

End of the first half: Real Spain is beating UPN 2-0 in Morazán with goals from Delis Vargas and Jhow Banavídez.

41 ‘GOOOOOOLAAAZOOOO OF REAL SPAIN! Jhow Benavídez marks the second of the machine after a huge previous play by Iván López and Darixon Vuelta, nice goal of Real Spain, 2-0 loses the UPN.

Luis Argeñal exerts a mark against the Spanishist Jhow Benavídez. PHOTO: Neptalí Romero.

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World News :

23 ‘GOOOOOLLLL OF REAL SPAIN! Delis Vargas marks the first of Pablo Pírez’s head-to-center precious machine.

19 ‘ Santiago Correa, Uruguayan from Real España, is booked.

Goalkeeper Bryan Ramos, making his debut with Real Spain. PHOTO: Neptalí Romero.

18 ‘ Disoriented header by Devron García that does not disturb Celio Valladares.

fifteen’ Yellow card for Matías Soto, Real España player.

9 ‘ Marco Godoy header and debutant Bryan Ramos keeps the ball.

3′ Corner kick in favor of Real Spain.

STARTED! Real España and UPN are at stake in the Morazán stadium.

UPN alignment: Celio Valladares; Marco Godoy, Samuel Córdova, Sonny Fernández, Erick Peña; Kevin Maradiaga, Cristopher Urmeneta, Luis Argeñal, Sendel Cruz; Arnold Meléndez and Jairo Róchez.

Alignment of Real Spain: Bryan Ramos; Allans Vargas, Matías Soto, Pbalo Pírez, Santiago Correa, Devron Garcúia, Iván López, Jhow Benavídez, Delis Vargas, Darixon Returned.

Of the 12 games played, the UPN won 7, Real Spain won 1 and drew in 4 games. In those games, scholars scored 20 goals and the aurinegros 14.

The machine and scholars are going to a new battle in the National League of Honduras this Saturday at 7:00 p.m.

This game (which will be aired by Tigo Sports) means closing the first round for both clubs.

Welcome to the minute by minute of Real España – UPN from the Morazán stadium in San Pedro Sula.



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