LIVE – Tired, President Joe Biden “fed up” with having to talk about the “previous guy”


A “tragedy” without “any link” with Donald Trump: the defense will speak on Friday in the Senate, hoping for a quick acquittal of the former president, accused of “inciting insurgency” in the assault on the Capitol .

From noon (5:00 p.m. GMT), lawyers for the 45th President of the United States will attempt to dismantle the argument of Democratic prosecutors who, for two days, returned to the bloody attack of January 6 in a relentless statement, riddled with shock videos.

“The president is very optimistic,” one of his lawyers, David Schoen, said Thursday on Fox News, promising a short presentation, less than four hours, before the hundred senators, judges, jurors, and witnesses of this trial historical.

“As I said from the beginning of this thing, this trial should never have happened and if it were to happen, it should be as short as possible, given the total lack of evidence,” he said. assaulted.


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