LIVE TMW – Juventus, Pirlo: “Arthur is in a lot of pain, to be constantly evaluated as Dybala”


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12:45 – Andrea Pirlo presents Napoli-Juventus, race valid for the twenty-second day of the Serie A championship, scheduled for tomorrow at 18 at the Diego Armando Maradona stadium in Naples. brings you the Press conference of the Juventus coach, scheduled for 1 pm, live.

13:02 – Andrea Pirlo takes his place in the press room of the Allianz Stadium: the Juventus coach’s conference begins now.

How do you imagine the challenge of tomorrow?
“It will be a Super Cup-style match, an important match for both teams. There will be great tension because Napoli-Juve is always a challenge between great teams and also because of the importance of the three points. We come from a great moment while they maybe a little less after the defeat the other night. The stakes will be felt “.

Is there concern for Arthur? How are the others?
“Arthur has this calcification that you will have to see from day to day, it bothers him and has a lot of pain. It will have to be evaluated over time, hopefully it will pass quickly. Dybala is making his recovery plan and must be evaluated because of the knee pain he persists but also for him it will depend on how he feels in the next few days. Bonucci is a bit bummed but he will train with us today and then we’ll see whether to bring him to Naples or not. Same goes for Ramsey. “

Tomorrow opportunity to eliminate a competitor to the championship?
“We look above all to ourselves, to win games and to score as many points as possible. We look to who is in front and not behind. Our goal is to go to Naples to win to bring the three points home, not to eliminate Napoli from racing championship “.

Gattuso risks the bench with a defeat tomorrow. What do you think?
“It is part of our job, it may happen that we are sent away but we always think about doing our best. It may happen that for one or the other there may be a difficult moment. I have no problem about it, I’m sorry for Rino but I have my problems and I have to think about this. Our goal is to win games. “

Is there a particular message to send after the first leg?
“No, this is a thing of the past, we have already met in the Super Cup. We think about tomorrow’s match which is more important than the first leg. They are situations that can create annoyance for the environment but we are focused on what we have to do and continue after Inter “.

What has changed since the Super Cup?
“A growing path, we came from a wrong match with Inter and luckily we immediately had the opportunity to play a final to win. From there a more convincing journey began, the team raised the level and understood where it was. But we had always said that we needed time, to fine-tune the players and tactical situations, to improve offensively and defensively. And the results also make you work better. “

A problem playing the second leg before the first leg?
“No, nothing changes, there are always three points up for grabs. Then we will see the race pending. Nothing changes for the regularity of the championship”.

Is anything changing in your structure considering the way you interpret the latest races?
“No, nothing is changing, we have faced Roma and Inter in a different way by our choice. They are my choices based on the opponent that have given us important results. The approach is always to command the game and press high. three days it is difficult to maintain the pressure throughout the game and sometimes it is also okay to go down and leave possession. “

How many points do you need to win the championship?
“Sure more than 80, but compared to the other years a few points less. There are many commitments, many teams more or less at the same level and it is difficult for a team to keep pace”.

Cuadrado alto tomorrow? How’s McKennie doing?
“He’s pretty good, he wasn’t 100% the other night either and today we evaluate him. Let’s see, we need to recover well because the other night we spent a lot, especially those who played more like Alex Sandro and Danilo. We’ll see who will be better off. and we will decide how to play “.

How is Morata?
“Morata is better, he recovered from the flu and the other night he came on the bench even if he wasn’t very well. He could start from the beginning or enter the race, we don’t have many solutions ahead because we are only three: two will play and one will remain as a change. “

Are you working on Bentancur’s strikes?
“Yes this is a question I was asked the other night after the game. We are trying to work on it as the midfielders can arrive in that area of ​​the pitch and finish with a shot towards the goal instead of looking for the last pass. . In any case we are happy with how he is and what he is doing, this can be one more thing “.

Are you asking Kulusevski anything in particular? Will he play tomorrow?
“Two will play and one will be on the bench to get a change. In the last few matches I had asked him for a job also in the defensive phase, to take the low midfielder opponent and he did it very well trying to make the game difficult for him. He has an engine, he knows how to defend. but then also to leave again. What I asked for, he did very well. “

13:15 – Andrea Pirlo’s press conference ends now


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