LIVE Transfer Market Chile 2021 | Chilean soccer moves; Transfers, reinforcements, casualties, rumors

The 2020 season finally ended then a tough schedule that spanned two years and with the celebrated and historic three-time championship of Catholic University, while Colo Colo He was able to ensure permanence in the First Division after one of his worst institutional and football moments in his history.

And with the end of the championship too contracts of various referents in the largest teams in the country were terminated. While in the Cacique they said goodbye figures like Esteban Paredes, Matías Fernández, Jorge Valdivia and Julio Barroso, in University of Chile they left Matías Rodríguez, Jean Beausejour and a distressed Walter Montillo, that put an end to his professional career.

And with a view to 2021, where the new National Tournament plus the Chile Cup TV screens will be taken with new stars in each team, and it is that the season of reinforcements, rumors and simply smoke began and with several teams that want to surprise this season.

In RedGol You can follow minute by minute of all the signings, incorporations, rumors and casualties of the 2021 Championship with the albos looking to forget the bad moment, Católica going for Tetra and the U fighting for the title.

Follow the minute by minute of the reinforcements, casualties and rumors of Chilean football LIVE:

February 19 | Gustavo Huerta, Cobresal coach, affirmed that Marcelo Cañete is ready in U. de Chile and Juan Carlos Gaete in Colo Colo.

February 19 | Palestino is reinforced with everything and already has four names confirmed: Bruno Romo, Misael Dávila, Nicolás Berardo and Cristián Suárez.

February 19 | Yonathan Andía, right back of Unión La Calera, sounds strong to replace Matías Rodríguez in the U.

February 19 | The University of Chile confirms that Nicolás Guerra will not continue in the team, since the forward asked to go on loan. Ñublense appears as an option.

February 19 | Deportes La Serena would be interested in adding Jean Beausejour, Jorge Valdivia, Matías Rodríguez and Esteban Paredes for 2021.

February 18 | Colo Colo did not renew the contract of 10 players for 2021, among them Esteban Paredes, Julio Barroso and Matías Fernández.

February 18 | Unión La Calera is also left without a coach and Juan Pablo Vojvoda leaves the Caleran team after classifying them for the Copa Libertadores.

February 18 | Catholic University confirms that Ariel Holan is not still a coach, and the crusaders will have to find a coach again.

February 17 | Unión Española confirms the Bolivian team Alejandro Chumacero. In addition, they hired the ex-lateral from Universidad Católica and now from La Serena, Stefano Magnasco.

February 16 | Walter Montillo left University of Chile, same case as Matías Rodríguez and Jean Beausejour.


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