LIVE – Trial of the January 2015 attacks: Ali Riza Polat expelled after a series of hearing incidents


Ali Riza Polat, who has been spitting bile since this morning in a bin placed next to him in the box, has just been taken back again by the president.

A few minutes earlier, several had thought he had passed out. In fact, Polat would have been lying on the bench in the cubicle on which he is sitting on his own. The President noted the “speed at which he had recovered” barely the suspension pronounced after this incident. Régis de Jorna warns that any further behavior of this kind “will lead to expulsion”.

The president of the special assize court insists that “this trial must continue and will continue!”.

That day, Me Mouhou, lawyer of the civil party had qualified Ali Riza Polat of “imaginary patient”


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