LIVE – US Presidential: Trump and Biden remotely scrapping the management of the Covid crisis


19 days before the presidential election, Donald Trump and Joe Biden answered questions from American citizens on two American television channels following the cancellation of the virtual debate initially planned and in which Donald Trump refused to participate.

The White House tenant in Florida praised a “fantastic job” done during the Covid-19 crisis and announced that “the vaccines are coming and the treatments are coming”.

Donald Trump did not appreciate the questions concerning the wearing of the mask and the end of his quarantine, considered early, however. “I am president, I have to see people (…). I cannot be locked in a magnificent room somewhere in the White House”, he quipped.

Moderator Savannah Guthrie asked Donald Trump if his symptoms were severe when he was infected with Covid-19, and if tests had shown pneumonia. To which, he replied that his lungs were “a little different, a little maybe infected”. He also said he “may” have passed a test on the day of the first presidential debate, as required.

Asked about the controversial nomination of Justice Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court in an election year sentence, President Donald Trump made the same argument as Democrats in 2016, explaining that presidents are elected “for four years, not three years “.

On the question of the QAnons, a conspiracy movement, pro-Trump, which is gaining momentum in the United States, he refused to condemn them: “they are strongly against pedophilia and I agree with that” a- he declared. He added, referring to the “Antifa” movement which he describes as “violent” and “vicious” which “burns cities run by democrats”.


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