lively clash in TPMP between 2 columnists of Cyril Hanouna!

The debates were lively, this November 18 on the plateau of Touche not at my post. After the interview with Didier Raoult on CNews, in Jean-Marc Morandini’s show, in the evening, Cyril Hanouna obviously left the floor to his favorite Marseillais, René Malleville, for comment.

Very committed to the defense of the famous professor, the fervent supporter of OM defended the theses of his idol. He estimated: “I had known for a very long time that there was a small conspiracy very, very high up, it was part of the weapons, I had known that for several months! So I’m not surprised at all!

And unfortunately, the columnist with the strong accent was mocked throughout his intervention … In particular by Benjamin Castaldi, who could not restrain his communicative bursts of laughter. Furious, René Malleville called him to order with virulence. He told her: “I don’t give a fuck about him. You when you talk about your bullshit (…) they must be silent. What do you think?

An exchange which greatly amused Cyril Hanouna. Vexed, his columnist announced, standing up and gathering his things: “I am leaving. (…) I’m breaking up. I’m not here to make the troupe laugh. I’m not here to make fun of little Parisian ailments thereFinally, it was Casta that Baba asked to take the door … without success.



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