Liverpool fans angry about the new shirt

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Her club’s new jersey has Liverpool fans raging

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The start of sales of the new home kit is a highlight for the English fans. Many of them wanted to order online on Saturday. But the first home dress from Nike causes a lot of trouble among the fans.

DThe anticipation was huge. For weeks, Liverpool fans had been looking forward to the official release and launch of their club’s home kit for the new season in the Premier League.

After years with New Balance as an outfitter, it is the first dress from the sporting goods manufacturer Nike. Saturday was the day, the club presented the jersey. And the fans of the team of German coach Jürgen Klopp were angry. Among other things, they let their displeasure run free on social networks.

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Above all, it annoys the price. The “stadium version” of the jersey, which the players will not wear, can be pre-ordered now. According to the “Daily Star” it costs £ 69.95, the equivalent of just under € 80. The official jersey costs just under £ 100, or around € 111.

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The newspaper quotes a fan as follows: “How can you collect a hundred for the jersey and for a quasi-fake 70 – that’s rip off.” Another fan said: “I live in Liverpool and we should pay £ 100 … no chance, that the jersey is selling well this year. “

Next big cup for Jürgen Klopp

Liverpool FC and master maker Jürgen Klopp finally have the much-awaited trophy. On the empty fan stand, Captain Jordan Henderson lifted the silver trophy late Wednesday evening.

There is also discussion about the design. As usual, the new jersey is mainly in red, blue on the sleeves and V-collar. The club explained the new look like this: The blue is the city color of Liverpool and can also be found in the classic logo of the “Reds”.

It is also said to recall the jerseys between 1993 and 1996, where the color was used in a slightly darker tone. Many fans like it, many don’t.

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Leroy Sané at FC Bayern

Despite the criticism, the jersey apparently sells well. The Liverpool online shop was at times at its limit on Saturdays. Fans who wanted to order the new jersey sometimes had to wait over an hour online.

According to media reports, the contract with Nike, which begins with the new season, brings almost 100 million euros a year.



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