Liverpool is the reason Thiago rejected a new Bayern contract


Thiago Alcantara believed to have played his last match together Bayern Munich. He is claimed to be just one step away from joining Liverpool.

The future of Thiago at Bayern in recent weeks is indeed speculated. The reason is none other than because the remaining contract is less than a year and has not been renewed.

Rumors are circulating that Thiago is heading to Liverpool. Even the latest reports claim that the 29-year-old midfielder has agreed to Liverpool’s offer, it’s just a matter of waiting for the agreement between the two clubs.

Bayern reportedly asked for a fee of 30 million euros for Thiago. That price is what Liverpool feel is not suitable because the former Barcelona player’s contract has less than a year left.

Former Bayern and Liverpool player Dietmar Hamann believes in a move Thiago Alcantara it’s just a matter of time. He will be very surprised if the player who has just led Bayern to the Champions League championship does not land at Anfield.

He believes the only reason Thiago turned down Bayern’s new contract was an offer from Liverpool.

“He was offered a contract at Munich, which he refused. He must have shown an interest in staying, otherwise they wouldn’t have offered him a new contract, but at the last minute he stepped down and said he wanted to do something else,” Hamann told talkSPORT as quoted Metro.

“I would be very surprised if he rejected a new contract at Bayern Munich while not getting anything other than that. So I’m sure he has already received an offer from Liverpool. Maybe it is just a matter of transfer fee price now,” he added.

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