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Is this victory the end of the Liverpool crisis?

Jurgens Klopps Reds defeat Manchester City and Pep Guardiola 1-0 to climb to 8th place in the Premier League. Mo Salah scores the winning goal and the Reds coach is sent off just before the end!

After a foul on Salah on the sidelines that was not whistled, the Reds coach rages, leaves the coaching zone and scolds assistant Gary Beswick wildly (86th). He had observed the scene up close. Referee Anthony Taylor throws the coach out of the interior. Red!

Klopp: “Of course I overshot the target. But this situation cannot be. It’s the clearest foul I’ve ever seen in front of the linesman. And he just doesn’t care.”

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In the Champions League, Liverpool gained at least some self-confidence in the 7-1 win at Glasgow Rangers (City 0-0 in Copenhagen).

Before the game, everyone asks: how does Klopp stop Pep’s super striker Erling Haaland, who has scored 15 times in 9 league games. Klopp: “That’s only possible collectively.”

And that works successfully.

City doesn’t get Haaland into play in the first half hour, Liverpool closes behind in 4-3-3, the offensive players work defensively.

But Haaland can never be completely eliminated.

Mo Salah pushes in at full speed to make it 1-0, City keeper Ederson has no chance

Mo Salah pushes in at full speed to make it 1-0, City keeper Ederson has no chance

Photo: Peter Byrne/dpa

33 minutes: Long ball to Haaland, who runs towards Alisson and lobs. But the Reds keeper is not that easy to overcome.

Next Haaland scene in the 40th minute: De Bruyne crosses to Torweger, who heads free from 7 meters – straight into Alisson’s arms. Sky expert and ex-Manchester United coach Ralf Rangnick: He usually does 7 out of 10 things like that.”

Then it rings – you think! Foden scores, but the VAR denies the goal because Haaland holds Fabinho beforehand. Pep angry, but the decision is right.

Now fire is involved! Pep gesticulates wildly in the audience, provoking the Liverpool fans.

Mo Salah is pinned down by Manchester's Silva.  But the referee does not whistle.  Too much for Klopp

Mo Salah is pinned down by Manchester’s Silva. But the referee does not whistle. Too much for Klopp

Photo: Peter Byrne/dpa

Alleged reason: As Reds supporters celebrate not being behind after all, they appear to throw objects such as coins at Guardiola in the process.

The City Coach: “They might hit better next time. You didn’t catch me.”

Haaland misses another chance and fails from 16 meters to Alisson (64th). Well, does the ex-Dortmunder suddenly have a jam?

But Salah suddenly strikes – 1-0 for Liverpool (76th)!

Alisson’s long, lightning-fast drive from a de Bruyne free-kick. Salah lets Joao Cancelo get out, runs towards Ederson alone and this time gives the keeper no chance from 17 meters.

Salah on Sky: “It’s just a game. But hopefully the win gives us more self-confidence.”

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