Lizigo, the company that offers vehicle credit to taxi drivers through artificial intelligence interview

The coronavirus pandemic has meant a great opportunity for Peruvian businessmen to renew their services. An example of this is Lizigo, a national company that offers digital vehicle leasing to taxi drivers thanks to the use of artificial intelligence.

He fintech is a term that is gaining ground in the e-commerce or electronic commerce. This word results from the union ‘financial’ and ‘technology’, with which financial services are offered through new technologies. In this case, in the vehicle industry.

Tomy Linares, representative of Lizigo, tells us in an interview that thanks to this artificial intelligence have a fairly healthy portfolio, because they discard those clients that have hidden intentions, such as causing some damage to the unit or simply not paying vehicle credit.

What is Vehicle Fintech?

Lizigo it is a vehicular agent. What we do is work digitally with the client, providing all the information through our virtual service channels and also having the completely digital evaluation process.

We seek that this approval process is online and immediate and that the delivery of the vehicle is given within a period of no more than 48 hours.

How does artificial intelligence work to grant vehicle approval?

For the evaluation part, the client sits in front of a computer. This PC, through an infrared optical scanner, identifies subtle changes in the client’s eyes to detect whether he is seeing or lying. This test is as if you were typing or working.

Is it similar to the polygraph?

Yes, but unlike the polygraph, which has these bands that are placed on the body, the test is simply sitting in front of the computer, the computer asks you some questions and the sensors of the PC will identify some involuntary movements in your vision when you lie

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In this way we identify if the client intends to pay the credit to grant you this lease.

Is this the only test that is performed to determine whether or not a customer credit is offered?

No, we also do a complete record of the client’s background. The person must not have a police, criminal, or judicial record. In addition to validating the customer’s income online.

Is it necessary for the client to come to your facilities to do the test or can they do it from home?

Currently, we are working on it from our facilities with all the security protocol. We develop the technology so that it can be done through a cell phone or an external computer.

How do you contact the client once the financing is approved?

We have digital advisors who finish doing the process. They contact the client, inform him of the final requirements, complete the transfer of all the information and carry out the closing.

Is this service only for taxi drivers or all types of public?

We have started with the taxi segment, because the fees that we provide with this product are lower than what a taxi driver pays for the rental of a vehicle.

There we have a super interesting advantage and a very attractive product. But we have seen the need and we have had the requirement of people with work or another type of profile to obtain a product similar to the one we offer.

Therefore, we are launching a product for these people very soon. Here what we are looking for is that it is only a monthly fee where the client has everything included: SOAT, maintenance, technical review, gas certificates, vehicle tax, vehicle insurance, GPS.

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The idea is that the client, in a single payment, includes everything that is going to require in terms of documents and benefits throughout the leasing process.

How is the payment of fees? Is it daily?

No, the taxi product includes weekly fees and the customer can pay them through the BCP mobile application. They can put “Payment of services Lizigo”And your entire payment structure will come out. They can also pay at the BCP agents and windows.

Are the cars you are offering hybrid, LPG or NGV? And what brands of cars do you work with?

We are working with the policy of generating environmental well-being and all the cars we sell are LPG or NGV. We are also in talks with companies that market vehicles electric to add them to our product portfolio. Currently, we are working with Chevrolet, Hyundai, Kia and Toyota. The main brands.

Once the lease is approved, must an advance payment be made?

The leasing conditions depend on the profile of each client. We have vehicles with initials under $ 1,000, but this will depend on the car and the user.

The customer can run a simulation on our website to find out how much down payment he can pay for the vehicle. The higher the initial, the lower are your fees.


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