Llus Homar and Adriana Ozores bring the poetry of San Juan de la Cruz closer to the High Season

The Temporada Alta festival premieres this Sunday ‘Alma y Palabra: San Juan de la Cruz’, a classical theater production directed by Lluís Homar in which he himself and accompanied by Adriana Ozores will recite some of the works of the Spanish poet. Homar has advanced that viewers they will encounter an “empty” scenario where light will play a key role. In addition, the two actors will be accompanied by Emili Burgalla who will play the silent music of Frederic Mompou on piano. ‘Alma y Palabra: San Juan de la Cruz’ is a production of the Compañía Nacional de Teatro Clásico and this it will be the first time they will participate in the High Season. The show will premiere this Sunday in Catalonia with all tickets sold out.

With a painting of Jesus crucified in the background painted by Velazquez and a grand piano in the middle of the stage, this Sunday Lluís Homar and Adriana Ozores will jump at the Teatre Municipal de Girona for lay down the poetry of Saint John of the Cross. It is a production of the Compañía Nacional de Teatro Clásico that this year premieres at the Temporada Alta festival.

Lluís Homar directs the show and has predicted that the public will find “an empty theater” where only the lights they will help build the atmospheres required by the verses of San Juan de la Cruz. In addition, Emili Burgalla will accompany the two actors performing the silent music of Frederic Mompou.

Homar has stressed that his intention was rediscover this poet of “mystical literature” at a time more necessary than ever. In fact, the show’s director has recalled that the pandemic has increased this feeling of “unease” and anxiety. “Sometimes we turn to mystical philosophies from different parts of the world, such as Buddhism,” Homar added, “and we forget that we have authors like San Juan de la Cruz.”

Juan de Yepes, known like San Juan de la Cruz, is considered like one of the most recognized authors of mystical literature together with St. Teresa of Jesus. In fact, these two characters had a close relationship throughout their history.

For her part, Adriana Ozores has stated that at the time of reading the work of San Juan de la Cruz she felt “a kind of dance with the poet” from which she came to know and understand his path. In fact, Ozores has stated that through this reading she has embarked on “a path of research” towards something “that is more transcendental”.

The National Classical Theater Company s’estrena

‘Alma y Palabra: San Juan de la Cruz’ is the first production of the Compañía Nacional de Teatro Clásico that can be seen in the Temporada Alta after 29 editions. The director of the festival, Salvador Sunyer, celebrated this milestone and announced that it plans to create one closer collaboration of faces in other editions with this company. Sunyer recalled that some collaborations had been made but that his own production had never been scheduled at the festival before.

In addition, Sunyer stressed the importance of having this show to be able to program classical theater. In fact, the festival director believes that the lack of productions of classic works respecting the original is “one big defect” affecting the Spanish and Catalan theater scene.


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