Loans for the reunification of debts with Financial Credit Institutions from the financial intermediaries of Casa de Crédito

In these post-pandemic times, difficulties in generating income have been compounded. This is a big problem, especially for people who have contracted debts, since banking traditional does not provide the financing they require, which makes it difficult for them to stay afloat.

For this reason, Credit House is offering a solution to this problem in the Spanish market, the reunification of debts with Financial Credit Institutions. This represents, for individuals and legal entities, an opportunity to boost their business and resume their usual productive rhythm. To this end, they offer direct treatment, transparent advice and a quick and effective response to all the concerns of their clients.

How to carry out a financial obligation reorganization

When pending payments on mortgages, personal loans and credit cards have accumulated, a person or company may find themselves with a portfolio full of financial commitments. In these cases, there is usually not enough liquidity to cover them all, but the best solution is to reorganize those obligations, through the reunification of debts with Financial Credit Institutions.

Casa de Crédito affirms that, by negotiating with creditors, the debtor can group all the credits and pay a single monthly installment according to his economic capacity. In this way, organize finances, cash flow and reduce worries, regardless of whether the borrower has their data registered in the bank’s delinquency file.

To carry it out, the interested party only has to contact Casa de Crédito and raise your situation with professionals, to determine if the operation is viable. Later, if the request is approved, the person must submit the corresponding documentation. Finally, the procedure kicks in when the necessary appraisal of the mortgage property is carried out and it is determined how much money can be offered to you.

The team of professionals at Casa de Crédito intermedia mortgage loans

Casa de Crédito does not function as a lender, but as a financial intermediary. For this reason, focuses on people and companies with records in delinquency files, to whom the doors of traditional banking have been closed.

Your home equity loans are transparent and duly notarized before the authorities. What’s more, the interested party has the option of accessing immediate liquidity, using as support a property that you own or that of a third party who acts as a mortgagee.

On the other hand, the money is received in the usual bank account of the affected person so that he can dispose of it immediately. Likewise, you can opt for terms of 1 to 10 years, with three different types of amortization: French, American or single payment.

Finally, these intermediaries only propose four requirements to provide the applicant with the financing they need. These are: having a property free of charges or with little pending mortgage, being of legal age, demonstrating solvency to repay the loan and request a minimum amount of € 20,000.

In conclusion, negotiating with Casa de Crédito represents a smart solution to save money avoiding high interest rates, calm creditors and resume the productive work of a company.

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