Löbau (Saxony): Girls (15) filmed during group rape! – Dresden

Löbau (Saxony) – The Görlitzer district court will hear from Tuesday against a young person (17, custody). The public prosecutor’s office accuses him of rape and gang rape.

The acts already occurred in 2018 and 2019 – only now became public due to the impending trial. The police and the public prosecutor had not reported it.

Court spokesman Jörg Küsgen (54): “According to the indictment, the young person is said to have had sexual intercourse on a 15-year-old in the vicinity of the König-Albert-Bad in Löbau on December 25, 2019, despite her clear will to the contrary.”

Then he is said to have brought three of his cousins, they are said to have raped the girl “taking advantage of the numerical superiority”. Küsgen: “The actions were filmed.”

But that’s not all: The defendant is also said to have sexually abused a child (13) in 2019. According to the indictment in 2018/2019, he forced another victim (14) to have oral sex and threatened to be beaten if she refused. An accomplice is said to have filmed the crime.

The German-born Turk has been in custody since February 2020. The public was excluded from the process in order to protect the juvenile offender. If convicted, he faces a maximum of ten years in prison.

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