Local commerce takes off its chest before the arrival of platforms like Amazon

More than one might think that little can be done before e-commerce giants like Amazon, which will open a logistics center in the Lanbarren de Oiartzun industrial estate, in the facilities that will be released by the San José López transport group, as this newspaper announced yesterday.

Gipuzkoan and Basque merchants – the American multinational opened its first warehouse in Euskadi last year, specifically in Trápaga – understand that the e-commerce giant deployment is a reflection of society’s consumer trends, against which it is very difficult to fight, “especially, if it is not produced on equal terms.” And they refer to the taxation paid by large platforms in countries with lower tax rates, such as Ireland or the Faroe Islands.

However, they do not want to fall into defeatism and point out that the Amazon’s landing in Gipuzkoa is not going to mean any qualitative leap. Of course, they emphasize that it has to serve as an incentive for businesses to deepen their commitment to digitization, “Which is no longer an option, but something vital.” But they also want to send a message to society, to citizens so that they can buy in local shops, also using the ‘online’ channel “as a commitment to a society, some cities, towns and neighborhoods alive, and characterized by their humanity in consumption ».

“We must bet on a business model that is sustainable, social and of the people, with humanism and decent jobs”
Estíbaliz Tello | President of Euskomer

Who speaks this way is Estíbaliz Tello, president of Euskomer, which groups together the mercantile federations of Gipuzkoa, Bizkaia and Álava. But it also summarizes the sentiment of the president of the Gipuzkoan Federation, Julen Maiz, and the director of Territorial Promotion of the Gipuzkoa Chamber, Amalur Anguiozar, after being asked about it.

Estíbaliz Tello points out that we must continue betting on an economic model and commercial that is «sustainable, social and of the people. That the jobs that are created are worthy, because those generated by the large platforms border on precariousness.

But he points out that the reflection does not have to be what economic impact a platform of these produces, because if they are not installed here they will do it 100 kilometers away, «but what we play in the future, and that is that the people lose their character, their approach to the citizen and his humanity in consumption, he insists ».

“The buyer has to have a high view and local merchants can also promote that change”
Julen Maiz | Pte. of the Mercantile Federation

The president of Euskomer also emphasizes the idea that the same cards are not being played, “because in addition to taxation, the agreements applied by large companies, both electronic commerce and chains, are not those of Gipuzkoa , but the state, which is 20% lower.


Julen Maiz adds that “the way of consumption has changed and we have to adapt. Requests “have a high eye on the consumer and bet on kilometer zero, which is synonymous with sustainability, quality and proximity ”. It also raises the following question: What ecological footprint does a cast leave behind? And he points out that this change “can also be promoted by local merchants.” Remember, yes, that Gipuzkoan trade accounts for 11% of the territory’s GDP and 14% of employment.

“The consumer must support local commerce and remember that the store below also has an ‘online’ service”
Amalur Anguiozar | Chamber of Commerce

For his part, Amalur Anguiozar points out that Amazon’s landing will have its effect, “like any other company of such importance and weight”, but indicates that it should serve to reinforce the message of support for local commerce and also to promote the promotion of digitization, “transforming itself based on the reality of each trade.” At the same time, it indicates that citizens must be made aware of the importance of local commerce, which is not limited to a point of sale, «and remember that the store below also has an ‘online’ service».


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