Lockdown, hair loss and now diet too

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Tillmann Prüfer is a member of the editor-in-chief of “Zeit-Magazin”.

The corona pandemic, I have learned, is harmful to health, even if you don’t have any corona at all. I can see it myself when I look at the pedometer app on my phone. There are days when he reports movement rates in the low three-digit range. The recommendations go in the direction of ten thousand steps.

In the home office you continue to care for all the unhealthy elements of office working life – stress and unhealthy sitting, for example – but you can no longer come outside the door. One moves little more than an embalmed pharaoh in his sarcophagus. I checked what the consequences of a lack of exercise are: obesity, swelling of the legs, varicose veins and circulatory disorders. The risk of developing diabetes or cancer increases dramatically. Heart attacks, thromboses, high blood pressure or strokes are also more likely. All things that I actually want to prevent.

The online magazine “The Atlantic” reported that studies have shown that the stress in the home office accelerates hair loss. Something that, in addition to muscle loss and postural damage from the whole seat, I can’t really use.

In the “Welt am Sonntag” I have now read how to get fit again after the no-corona wars. Of course you should do sports. You can run, jump on the trampoline and try your hand at workouts in front of the screen. All of these have in common that it’s exhausting and the only fun is shedding a few pounds that you wouldn’t have if you weren’t staying home because of a damn virus.

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There are also alternatives for people who are not very fond of exercise. Diet is recommended here. The terrible-tasting diet powders, i.e. astronaut food, are said to be particularly effective, but without the spaceship and earth from above. Instead, you see the world from the kitchen window.

If you read a headline these days like “Get rid of the corona pounds!”, It reads as if Corona had been a glittering festival at which you filled your stomach with delight. You didn’t have any fun at all, but the most desolate time of your life. How could you make this time worse? Maybe by spooning in diet slime.

It will be a while before you can show the shaped body to the outside world again. Until then, the others will only see what can be seen during a Zoom conference. Hair loss, for example.

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