Logan Mailloux: “It’s done and I’m looking forward” -France Margaret Bélanger

The thorny issue for the Canadiens is the astonishing decision to set their sights on Logan Mailloux in the first round of the last NHL draft, despite his self-exclusion from the auction.

See the interview that France Margaret Bélanger gave to “JiC” above.

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The thorny issue for the Canadiens is the astonishing decision to set their sights on Logan Mailloux in the first round of the last NHL draft, despite his self-exclusion from the auction.

Asked to comment on the strategy of selecting the Ontarian, who was convicted of filming and distributing the video of him and his partner during a sexual frenzy in Sweden, France Margaret Bélanger insists she is not in a position to condemn her .

“In my role, professionally with the organization, this decision was made. She is taken. I am not going back. It’s done and I’m looking forward. ”

Ms. Bélanger added that we must stick to the $ 1 million action and consent plan put in place by Geneviève Paquette, vice-president, community engagement and general manager of the Canadian Foundation last month. This one had itself expressed reservations about the controversial choice of the team during their press briefing.

“This is where my efforts are,” said Ms. Bélanger. That is, how to improve this unfortunate situation and turn it into something constructive. How do we do it and what sums, or resources, we put forward. “

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The objective remains to educate and sensitize young players in order to maintain respect for others.

“What exactly is respect and the famous question of consent?” It can be changed from consent. It can be “ok” or it can be “no”.

“Our emphases are now on this. This is where I want to put the effort. “

Like several sports organizations in Europe, Canadians may soon follow suit with FC Barcelona and AC Milan by authorizing payments in cryptocurrency.

“It’s a phenomenon that we see more and more. I think it’s called to stay. In my opinion, this is not a phase that will go away. ”

Moreover, the Canadian Hockey Club has already made a technological shift to meet a certain demand.

“The concept of NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens) is also present. We embarked on the emission of 6000 images. We are one of the only teams to have gone ahead with this. It was all sold in time to say it.

“People now want to collect. Instead of having a hockey card or something to carry in a suitcase (…), they want something in their phone or tablet and it can be traded or sold. “

If the organization is delighted to regain its maximum capacity, the fact remains that the sale of tickets has suffered somewhat, since the decision was not rendered until September 30.

“It gives us little time to sell all those tickets,” admitted the president, Sports and entertainment, France Margaret Bélanger on the airwaves of JiC, Friday. What also complicates the situation a bit is that we have planned the season with the capacity that has been granted to us. That is to say 7,500 tickets. ”

As a result, there may still be several seats available in the next home games. Still, the supporters are also eager to come and encourage the CH.

“The demand is very strong. However, we have three other games in October, namely the 19, 21 and 23. That’s about 55,000 tickets that we had on sale for October, in short notice. “

“It’s quite exceptional.”

It is, however, without his franchise player that the club will inaugurate its home season on Saturday night. Goalkeeper Carey Price will certainly shine by his absence.

The hard-hitting announcement that the masked man was joining the National Hockey League’s aid program symbolized both an act of courage and an emotional roller coaster within the walls of the dealership.

“When we learned that last week, we thought of the man, the human, above all. We know him Carey, we have the opportunity to meet him and talk to him. If he made this decision, it was because he felt he needed help.

“On the one hand, we are delighted with his decision to seek help. On the other hand, from a business point of view, he is a player adored by a large number of supporters. ”

The “wave of love” shown to number 31, however, reassured and impressed senior management.

“We made a montage with a hundred messages of encouragement. As Marc (Bergevin) said on Thursday of last week, we are hopeful that Carey will come back to us. It’s only a break to come back better.

“Of course we count on it. But once again, the financial aspects are very secondary and we can’t wait to see him again. ”


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