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Logan Paul embeds 15 Game Boy Color in a resin table, the mad internet users are furious

Famous YouTuber Logan Paul shared a video in which he makes an epoxy resin table and embeds 15 Game Boy Colors on it. A sacrifice which did not fail to attract the anger of certain Internet users who see it as a monumental waste.

Logan Paul is a YouTuber best known for his escapades. The last one seems wise in comparison to the previous ones, but it annoys all the Internet users. The content creator is currently in his Pokémon phase, not hesitating to show expensive cards before his boxing fights to play it. His latest idea is to make an epoxy resin table himself for his home on the theme of the Japanese license.

The American YouTuber then shared a video on Tik Tok and Twitter in which we see him making his furniture. As a reminder, epoxy resin tables are transparent and it is customary to embed objects or create dioramas before drowning them in the resin. This sometimes gives very aesthetic and / or interesting results.

Logan Paul sacrifie quinze Game Boy Color

Logan Paul chose to drown fifteen Game Boy Color in resin to create his Pokémon table. Consoles sacrificed on the altar of furniture and which will now be sealed forever, and therefore unusable. An idea that could be trivial for many, but which has aroused the anger of some Internet users.

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The video of the making of the table is a hit on Twitter, since it has already passed seven million views. However, we are on the Internet and people are not happy. The responses to the tweet and the cited accuse him of having massacred Game Boy for nothing. A real waste for some, downright a sacrilege for others. In any case, its creation does not leave indifferent.

In reality, this “escapade” by Logan Paul is very wise compared to the previous ones. The Youtubeur had for example was singled out in 2018 for filming a dead body in a Japanese forest. Recently, it has been criticized for his love of combat sports, with some arguing that this was just a rigged show.

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