Logic-Immo.be is getting a makeover!

Since Wednesday, the online classifieds site Logic-Immo.be rocked into a new… galaxy. At least that’s what its users must think as the difference between the site of yesterday and that of today is enormous. It must be said that since 2012, when the site and the Belgian editions were bought by the IPM Group (publisher of “La DH” in particular) from the French group Spir, the improvements made were mainly surface improvements. ” Logic-Immo.be now benefits from all the services and the latest technologies “, explains Michel Mabille, director of new developments for IPM Group.” And offers a very user-friendly interface with more features: automatic search, alerts, creation of a list of favorites, etc. ” ” We reviewed all the foundations of the old site, created in 2005: infrastructure, user experience, design, speed … “, confirm Diego Riera Diaz, Head of Digital for Logic-Immo.be. ” A top-to-bottom review ” , he adds, which occupied him, as well as his teams of developers, between 18 and 24 months. With the result, a new site ” very fluid and intuitive .”

New tools

Especially since they were not satisfied with a simple upgrade. Some tools, which were unused, have been removed, and new ones have been devised.

Among other advances, Diego Riera Diaz quotes ” the possibility of blacklisting properties that we know are not suitable or not popular and that we no longer want to see come back for each search. “Or, more spectacular, that of allowing Internet users to do a search on the basis of a neighborhood and not just a postal code.” It is truly the most original tool, the one that sets us apart “, continues Michel Mabille. And it is not a few hundred neighborhoods that are accessible, but several thousand: localities (such as the Châtelain district in Brussels or Le Carré in Liège), but also the areas surrounding a train station. , a hospital, a university, a school … (within a radius of 700 m), or the plots that are concentrated around a roundabout, a square or on either side of a major artery . ” Much more often than one imagines, a district or a boulevard spans two municipalities, two postal codes “, adds Diego Riera Diaz, who did the exercise for the Châtelain district, straddling Ixelles (1050) and Saint-Gilles (1060).” Via their geolocation, all the properties advertised on Logic-Immo.be can be associated with a portion of the territory and therefore a district, beyond the municipal limits. “A service that is intended for those who absolutely want to find a property in a specific neighborhood, along a metro line close to their place of work, near a school, etc.

The site is suitable for use on computers and smartphones “, describes Michel Mabille,” and will be supplemented, in a few weeks, by an ‘app’. Its relaunch will be driven by a national communication campaign, developed by the IPM Advertising department, on the theme “Let’s find together”, featuring several types of prospective buyers or tenants: young households, single-parent families, retirees, etc. “The opportunity to affix the new logo, quite similar to the previous one except that the” .be “has grown, confirming that Logic-Immo.be is a Belgian national player.

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But beyond its design and its tools and other search engines, the new Logic-Immo.be wanted to clearly show its philosophy as an operator in the classified ad market. ” We do not want to replace real estate agencies “, details the digital manager of the site,” and most certainly not offer the services they offer (evaluation…). On the contrary, we want to remind you of their usefulness from the start, that is to say from the home page. .

Partner of real estate agencies

This is a positioning that Logic-Immo has been advocating for several years. “, insists Michel Mabille,” profiling itself as the partner of real estate agencies. We are aiming for a more cooperative than competitive mode. Thus, Logic-Immo.be lists the advantages of using a professional to rent or sell a property, helps individuals find an agency. Thanks to the Smartbox system, he also puts his technical knowledge and technology at the service of agencies in order to promote them to a complementary audience via a set of premium sites. ” The communication campaign for the new Logic-Immo.be site is the perfect illustration of this. ” The ‘Finding together’ refers to a collaborative mode, to the more inclusive desire of our real estate ecosystem, where everyone has a role: agencies, surfers, sellers, landlords, publisher …

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