logical decision, we suspected a little bit

The 2021 All-Stars were unveiled on the night of Tuesday to Wednesday, and with this announcement a ton of salt has logically spilled from east to west in the United States, with notable relay points on the side of Indianapolis or Phoenix in particular. If Domantas Sabonis will watch, except clap of thunder, the all-star game on TV (he will not watch it), Devin Booker will finally be well on the journey since the NBA announced this night that it was his candidacy that had been selected to replace that of Anthony Davis, selected by the coaches despite his announced absence. Half-repaired injustice!

The surprise is not really one and around midnight the popes of the info Adrian Wojnarowski, Marc Stein, Valérie Benaim and Shams Charania announced it: Devin Booker will replace Anthony Davis next Sunday for the All-Star Game 2021.

The absence of Devin Booker among the players called up had been debated for 24 hours, at least as much as the presence of… Chris Paul, who had been preferred to represent the Suns in Atlanta, and the injustice is therefore repaired for the unofficial MVP of the 2020 bubble which will therefore honor his second selection after having experienced his deflowering last season. Difficult to dispute the choice of the coaches and the NBA, which was also probably made at the very time of the appointment of Anthony Davis, but the presence of two Suns players has something to put a little on the respective fanbases of De’Aaron Fox, DeMar DeRozan and Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, three players who would not have been unworthy in view of their first part of the season .

Number of All-Stars in Phoenix? Of them. The prediction of one of the druids of the YouTube game was therefore correct, and the future commish Chris Paul succeeded in securing an eleventh participation in the all-star game while leaving room for the Suns player who deserves it the most this season. Come on, everyone is happy, well almost.

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