Logitech G502 Hero mouse at 49 € instead of 69 €

Any self-respecting gamer must find the mouse that will allow him improve their skills. The G502 Hero de Logitech is that mouse that will give you a decisive advantage in all your games.

Up to 30% Off Logitech Gaming Mice

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The G502 Hero are offered at € 71 in normal times on AliExpress. They are stored in this month of September and pass to 58 €. To this, AliExpress adds a additional discount of 9 €, i.e. a further 15% discount, especially for French Days. The price of 49 euros stops on the evening of September 27, it should not be missed. The code : FDSHP9. Allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

By choosing the second model of G502 Hero offered on the page, you will get the same deal and the same mouse, but without the box. New price with the discount: 41 €, never seen before!

Performance for gamers

Looking for a mouse that is no longer an obstacle but a help to victory? This Logitech is for you, no doubt. Its first asset: its resolve. This Logitech model has 16 000 DPI of resolution, allowing a very fine control of each of your movements. Its frequency USB de 1 ms and its ability to take 40G accelerations make it a mouse that sticks to all your movements better than a shadow. When victory hangs by a thread, the hardware should not disappoint you.

Logitech G502 Hero Mouse Side View
Characteristic design, Logitech mouse gets a big discount

High-end technical characteristics

The Logitech G502 Hero ranks among the best performing mice on the market:

  • 50 million click resistance
  • 5 configurable profiles
  • 2.1 m cable
  • 18 g ballast weight
  • 11 fully programmable buttons
  • Teflon cakes

Why buy this pc mouse?

Your future Logitech G502 Hero will fit perfectly into your gamer setup thanks to its zone RGB. Fully programmable and synchronizable, your mouse will light up in the dark with the incorporated LEDs and keep pace with the rest of your compatible hardware.


  • 16 000 DPI
  • 11 configurable buttons
  • Additional weights to control the glide
  • Presence of an RGB zone
  • The resistance of 50 million clicks

The lessers

  • Non-braided cable
  • No second RGB zone

A few more hours for a Logitech under 50 €

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