Loïc responds to criticism about the amount raised by the candidates for Bertrand-Kamal

This Friday evening took place the grand final of “Koh-Lanta, the 4 lands”. An evening marked, like all the edition, by the disappearance of Bertrand-Kamal. The emblematic adventurer of this season, who died last September after a fight against pancreatic cancer, marked the spirits, whether it is Denis Brogniart, the other candidates or the viewers.

TF1 has therefore decided to create a fund for Bertrand-Kamal, in order to contribute to research against pancreatic cancer. In the process, the candidates announced that they had contributed to make their contribution to this surge of solidarity. It was Loïc who announced that the adventurers had collected the beautiful amount of € 1120. This sum, however, shocked some Internet users. Indeed, for them, the sum was derisory for the number of people present or by the lack of participation of TF1, which nevertheless offers an enticing game just after.

Loïc responds to criticism

Loïc, who was responsible for announcing the amount during the final, and who was particularly close to Bertrand-Kamal, reacted in the columns of Télé Loisirs, saying he was annoyed by the reaction of Internet users. “I was surprised to see that viewers were disappointed with the amount. Concerning myself, I am not an easy person, I must have 1000 euros in all on all my accounts together. I put what I could and we had already given to his parents before. Maybe there are adventurers who didn’t give, I think it’s better than nothing, we all did our best. You also have to understand that it is not because we are on television that we are necessarily rich, we are only candidates, ”he explained.

The young 20-year-old adventurer also told of his experience of this particular final, and of the beautiful tribute paid to his colleague Bertrand-Kamal: “It was a final loaded with emotion and it was impossible for me not to pay tribute to Bertrand-Kamal. I found it to be a worthy tribute and I admired the strength of his parents who were there but also his sister and brother backstage. “


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