LoL Wild Rift: The Open Beta starts with us on December 10th

Riot Games has an early Christmas present for League of Legends– and mobile game fans alike. The Mobile MOBA is finally coming to us.

Actually, it’s not that long since Riot Games’ existence League of Legends: Wild Rift has confirmed. The mobile offshoot of the eSports hit was first tested intensively in closed betas in some Asian countries, now the open beta continues.

From December 10th we can finally put the game through its paces!

Will the Mobile MOBA (MoMOBA?) Really be able to steal the crown from other, already established representatives of the genre? The question of how Wild Rift will fit into Riot’s eSports universe will soon be resolved in the coming months.

Are you looking forward to the mobile game, or do you find it rather unnecessary? Tell us in the comments!

Nathan Leuenberger

project Manager

With the first Gameboy, which he “borrowed” from his father, Nathan’s fascination for the world of polygons, bits and pixels began. Games are still his greatest passion today and have taken on a completely new meaning with the development of eSports.

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