Lolita Cortés breaks into uncontrollable tears because of this singer

courteous lolita became a topic of conversation on social networks during the last hours because showed his most sensitive side in full live program “The Academy 20 years” y ended up crying inconsolably because of a former academic, so below we tell you all the details of this unusual and emotional moment.

The last broadcast of “The Academy 20 years” had as a guest Nadia, who shone in the first generation and during one of his interventions in the program he surprised locals and strangers with a impeccable performance of a medley of songs by José Alfredo Jiménez, which, made her gain the recognition of all those present on the recording set, in addition, his number moved Lolita Cortés, who could not help but come to tears.

to see crying courteous lolita He surprised his fellow members of the jury, the drivers and the academics since he has been characterized by his strong character, however, he asked to speak and with a broken voice he explained the reason for his crying It was that, to begin with, José Alfredo Jiménez was his great-uncle, in addition, he pointed out that he used to sing these songs with his mother, who died in November 2019.

Tonight my mother has presented herself in different ways, this was a medley of Don José Alfredo Jiménez, who was my great-uncle and my mother and I sang together, we sang with mariachi, she, I am sure, not only us, but the entire Mexican public, I can assure you that she would say: ‘that girl is crazy, what she did was wonderful’, old lady, thanks for our Mexican music in your voice and in your body”Lolita Cortés pointed out moved.

It is worth mentioning that courteous lolita She was not the only one who recognized Nadia’s performancebecause the rest of the judges were full of praise for Yahir’s ex-partner, in addition, on social networks he also received recognition from the followers of “La Academia 20 años”, who described his performance as “the best of the night”.


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