London police interrupt filming of Dua Lipa and Angèle music video

This week, photos of Dua Lipa and Angèle had already circulated on social networks. Apparently the two singers would prepare a music video together, so they were both in London for this project. But if the British media were interested in the filming in progress in the capital, it is mainly because the police had to intervene on the scene. The reason ? Dua Lipa’s teams were obviously not respecting the health measures in force in the country to stem the spread of the coronavirus. The filming of the clip was taking place in a store, but several extras were in a small tent outside, awaiting the installation of the necessary materials for the clip.

The authorities therefore intervened. The British media which relayed the information focused on Dua Lipa, and did not notice that it was in reality Angele we saw at his side. But that was without counting on Belgian Internet users, who directly noticed the presence of the interpreter of “Balance ton what”. Hopefully the police intervention did not put an end to the two artists’ project. Provided that the health safety instructions are now respected.

On the side of Angela’s entourage, we formally deny the information published in the English tabloids. “This is totally false, the police did not intervene for non-compliance with health rules.” The singer Dua Lipa also denied on Instagram the information published by the Sun.

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