London’s narrowest house to sell for over a million euros (photos)

Caught between a hairdressing salon and a general practitioner, it could almost be missed because it is so rickety: the narrowest house in London – only 1.7 meters wide – is for sale, for more than a million euros.

This curious five-story mansion in Shepherd’s Bush was originally a Victorian hat store, with warehouses to store merchandise and living quarters on the upper floors. A nod to its past, the house has kept its small window, adorned with a lamp in the shape of a bowler hat.

The strange property, whose facade forms a small dark blue stripe very discreet in the street, has just been put up for sale, estimated at 950,000 pounds (1.1 million euros). For David Myers, sales manager in the agency in charge of the property, this price is explained by the fact that the house, built at the end of the 19th century or at the beginning of the 20th century, constitutes ” a unique part of London’s history ». « It’s a bit of London magic “, He declared to the AFP.

“Bohemian and arty”

From one corner of the house to the other, the dimensions of the rooms differ greatly. If the kitchen, located on the mezzanine, is the narrowest place, it opens onto a dining area almost twice the size. Behind, patio doors open onto a 2.5m wide garden. The ground floor, where the old store has been transformed into an entrance, and the first floor are of similar size. On the first floor, in addition to a bedroom and an office, there is a terrace with a breathtaking view over the rooftops and chimneys of West London.

On the second floor, a bathroom and a shower room, on the third the master bedroom, which is accessed through a hatch in the floor to save space. For David Myers, this house is intended for ” a young couple or a single person ” who will know ” see her beauty for what it is, and take hold of it “. Thanks to its characteristics ” unique “Of the time and the eclectic innovations of the interior, the house could, according to him, appeal to buyers” arty ” or ” bohemian ».

« There is no other house in London that is 1.7m wide. There are other five-story houses, but none present such a unique space, such individuality. “, Explains Mr. Myers, adding that” the former owners had left their own imprint on it “. The price of the house is exorbitant compared to the 256,000 pounds (292,000 euros) that an average house costs in the United Kingdom, but still typical of the London market. ” It’s more expensive because there is everything you need. From a place like Shepherd’s Bush you can be in the very heart of (London) in 10 to 15 minutes », Explains the real estate agent.

“Unique and particular”

If it finds a buyer at the advertised price, the house will have doubled in value since 2006, when it was sold for 488,500 pounds (557,000 euros). But David Myers thinks she’s worth more, because of her unusual layout. ” (In) many parts of London people use the price per square meter as a benchmark to determine property values “, He explained, but” it doesn’t always work like that. When you have something as special as this the price should reflect it ».

According to the director, the coronavirus pandemic has caused many people, and in particular families, to leave London in order to afford larger property, which could hamper the sale of this particular property. ” In a situation like that of the Covid, where the sea has considerably emptied of its fish tank, there are not that many buyers “, He lamented, and again” fewer buyers for a unique and special property like this “. This does not mean that the London agent is discouraged: ” It’s chic, it’s beautiful, and that’s why this house is going to sell! »



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