Lonely Planet “Best in Travel 2021”: 30 travel tips for the time after Corona

The selection process had already started: As every year, the makers of the »Lonely Planet« wanted to choose the best travel destinations for the coming year again this autumn. Then Corona came – and not only stopped world explorers, but also the work of the jury of the world’s leading travel publisher. Does it make sense to choose the best travel countries, cities and regions? Or is it advisable to take a completely different view of the travel world for next year? How will globetrotters travel?

“Traveling in 2021 and beyond will be marked by far more consideration than ever before,” says Lonely Planet CEO Luis Cabrera. “When travelers are cautiously reconnecting with the world, they will focus on making their trips safe for the hosts and having positive effects.”

And so, in its sixteenth year, the »Best in Travel« has not become a classic ranking this time, but an appreciation of people, groups and places that are changing the travel industry. Also it just appears online, not as a book.

In three categories – sustainability, diversity and society – ten »best« would be chosen. Among them Hesham Moadamani from Refugee Voices Tours in Berlin, awarded as “Best Storyteller” in the “Society” category. The Syrian used his personal experience of fleeing and draw parallels between the current Syrian conflict and the history of migration in Germany.

The Lonely Planet chose the British operator as the “Best Tour Offer” Invisible Cities. The social enterprise offers homeless people the opportunity to become tour guides in their own city.

In the “Society” category, the jury also looked to the other end of the world: to Australia, where after one of the worst bushfire seasons in history, rainforests, coasts and wildlife are slowly rising from the ashes – thanks to a series of collaborative efforts.

See all the winners in the »Society« category of the »Best in Travel 2021«:

The sustainability list leads to Göteborg as »Best City Trip«, to the »Grootberg Lodge«On the Etendeka Plateau in Namibia as» Best Accommodation «and on the 395 kilometer network of trails Streets of Dante in Italy, the “best hiking trail”. And to Soraya Abdel-Hadithat on their Blog and their social media channels, according to the jury’s verdict, combine a love of travel with the desire to protect the earth.

See all the winners in the »Sustainability« category of the »Best in Travel 2021«:

In the »Diversity« category, the »Best in Travel 2021« takes it to the Jordanian capital Amman as »Best Hospitable Travel Destination«, to Costa Rica, where strict accessibility laws ensure that the physically handicapped can travel well, or to the Canary Island El Hierro as “the best multi-generation destination”.

Even if the turquoise blue water of the Caribbean and the spicy scent of a souk feel particularly far away at the moment, you can get close to the “best voice of inclusion”, Jeff Jenkins. On his blog “The Chubby Diaries” he gives information for oversized travelers. Also awarded: the German-Dutch couple Karl Krause and Daan Colijn, who on their blog “Couple of Men” illuminate the world for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and queer travelers (LGBTIQ).

What are travel bloggers like they do in these times? Krause and Colijn have redecorated their apartment in Amsterdam over the past few months and instead write about previous trips.

See all the winners in the “Diversity” category of the “Best in Travel 2021”:

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