Lonely Planet recognizes people who shape the future of travel

Best in Travel 2021
New ranking: Lonely Planet honors people who shape the future of travel

One of the winners of the “Best in Travel 2021” campaign by Lonely Planet: Hesham Moadamani, who offers the “Refugee Voices Tours” in Berlin.

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For a decade and a half, the “Lonely Planet” honored hip cities and countries every year – Corona is now ending this tradition too. Other trends are announced for 2021.

The coronavirus pandemic is causing difficult times for tourism. One of the most famous travel guide brands in the world is also reacting to this. Instead of presenting ten best cities, countries and regions for the year 2021 in its book “Best in Travel”, the “Lonely Planet” is now honoring 30 places, people and groups online that are changing the travel industry.

People from Germany are also represented in the global campaign “Lonely Planets Best in Travel 2021”. On the one hand there is the Berlin Hesham Moadamani, who offers city tours about migration history, and on the other hand Karl Krause, who runs an LGBTIQ travel blog from Amsterdam with his partner Daan Colijn.

Moadamani, who fled Syria, offers tours in Berlin (Refugee Voices Tours) that deal with the history and stories of migration. The German-Dutch couple Krause / Colijn illuminates the world for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersexual and queer travelers in their blog “Couple of Men”.

“Regenerative journey”

“Traveling in 2021 and beyond will be more considerate than ever before,” said Lonely Planet CEO Luis Cabrera. When travelers re-enter the world cautiously, they may now focus on activities that are safe and positive for them and their hosts. Therefore, one wants to highlight destinations and people who make it possible to travel regeneratively. It is about showing “how tourism can regenerate responsibly once we have overcome the pandemic”.

For example, Gothenburg in Sweden is recommended as the “best city break” in terms of sustainability because the city has taken measurable measures “to be fossil fuel independent by 2030”. “Best gourmet destination” is Greece: “With its markets for organic products and fishing on the islands, the country is unintentionally one of the places with the most sustainable food in the world.”

“Best hiking trail” is the 395-kilometer network of Dante Streets (Le Vie di Dante) in Italy. The Canary Island El Hierro is proclaimed as the “best multi-generation destination”: “This remote, decelerated jewel of Spain is an environmentally conscious haven for travelers of all ages.”

“Lonely Planet” has chosen ten “best” cities, countries and regions 15 times in the last few years. “Best in Travel” was one of a large number of editorial lists each year that selected popular destinations. In the travel book “Lonely Planets Best in Travel 2020”, Salzburg was announced as a top travel city without any knowledge of the Corona, especially because of the 100th anniversary of the festival. Bonn was in fifth place because of Beethoven’s 250th birthday. For 2019, Germany was in second place among the countries because of the Bauhaus anniversary.

“Lonely Planet” also invites readers on its Best-in-Travel website to add nominations for their favorite people and places that will shape the future of travel. The vote has been possible since Tuesday. Readers’ Choice Awards winners are due to be announced in January.

Gregor Tholl / DPA

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